Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hello! It's been a while!
i've been busy at work the past few days.... a bit crazy actually. It's been a great week so far.. kind of! I have lots to share with you ... so let's get started!

We have Raccoons in our shed! HELP! Steve found a mother raccoon in there yesterday with her newborn babies.... oh my. We were told NOT to touch or try to move them as she might attack us... like i will go anywhere near her! Yikes... but Eddie our cat LOVES the outdoors and we can't let him out cause we love him dearly. So.. we called Animal Control and they will get them out for us
Third... I got to chat with an old friend of mine yesterday. She is a travel agent and called our call centre and I answered! what a coincidence cause i was thinking of her just a few days ago! She is into selling Epicure Selections Products which are really popular in Canada and loved by many who love to cook, drink, or just enjoy good food in general. These are spices and mixes... etc... yes, she's convinced me to join her group! SO yes, i will be selling EPICURE products! I don't know if i will be going door to door to sell stuff... or home parties, but i will certainly have a catalog with me and of course can mail you one if you want one!
this is the main website...

YOUPEEEEEEEE ... Steve loves to cook ... so i tought this would be a great way for him to get even more into it !!! and cook more for me!!! HEE!!!!

what else is new.. um.... well i am planning on having a class in the next few weeks. It will be an album.. but i can't say yet. Products are being ordered this weekend and I will post a sneak peak for you shortly. I assume the first class will be on .... WOW it's May 1st Tomorrow .... hee... anyway.. first class to be the last week of May ... 27-28-29 .. one of those days... So if you are interested in attending send me a quick email!
don't worry .. more info will follow shortly!

I will chat with you again soon!


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