Friday, June 27, 2008

Morning !!!

Just wanted to share a little " Scrap Sale " info for you this morning!

CompuPro Scrapbooking in Fredericton ( for you local folks )
Is having a Major inventory clearance sale!

The whole store is practically 50% off except for cardstock & adhesive.
From Thursday June 26th-Friday June 27th

closed on Saturday June 28th for Inventory.

and then.... an online store! for more info!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hello fellow friends and readers !!!

Well I have news to share ... in case you haven't heard!!!
I have been helping Nicole from CompuPro Scrapbooking In Fredericton NB get herself set up as an online store with forum and gallery! It all started as a blog message - her asking me for my kits.... and then WOWZERS we're building a website together!!! ( and of course thanks goes to Heather from Hot Pink Flamingos! )

Come on over If you have a chance sign up and say hi!

some things are still being finetuned... like the pink background... we can't seem to decide which one, or even white or black!! LOL!! but it's all good..

The store will be up and running after Nicole has done her July Inventory!
I have been chosen as a Design Team member for her and as a side ADMIN for her board.
My Creative Scrappers blog is my #1 priority, and my Creative kits as well and she was nice to understand that and still have an open invitation for me for her site!

Yes, I am busy! I LOVE IT, LOVE IT! ... and can't stay away.. never will! Unless Cross Stitching comes back with a vengance LOL!!

So, that's my story today! I am going to sit back, relax, have some ice cream and scrapbook for an hour or so!

Talk to you tomorrow with a few layouts and maybe some garden pictures!


Thursday, June 19, 2008


The sun is shinning, a cool breeze is blowing, it's the middle of june and oh... so nice! The shrubs are growing and the perennials are blooming. Isn't this a great time of year?

Oh my, speaking of perennials.... we have this astilbe that is planted next to our deck in the backyard. It as barely any sun and really a lot of moisture cause of it's location... and WOWZERS... this plant is ... right now about 6 feet high!!!! It's wild.... it's only suppose to be about what... 24 inches or something... it's really going like crazy. I will have to take a pic and show you.... I have other of it's " sisters " in the garden, and they are only about ... 12-18" high already.. so this is for sure some mutated plant!

Eddie is enjoying this weather and really loves going outside in the morning before Steve and I get ready for work. The only problem with that is... on a day off! He sits on the bed, and MEOWS like crazy .... begging us to get up and let him go out... what a spoiled little kitty!!

So, I am assuming you have heard about the layoffs that will happen again at Air Canada .... 2000 employees will be " layed off " prior to November 1st 2008. I think about 30 of them will be Call Centre staff... but not sure. I hope to see a few people be able to transfer so as not to lose there jobs... I am sure others will be transferring, taking leave of absences and maybe early retirement... I so wish I could take an early retirement! imagine.... me .... 36 years old ... retired!!! LOL!! I wish!
mmm.. what would I do with my time off ....?? SCRAPBOOK!!!!! Yes.... that i could do!

Well, as i sit here with a pony tail and bangs in my eyes... i realize it's time for a hair cut.... I really miss my hairdresser... have i said that before... ? yes I think so! She left to persue other interest and MAN I miss her!!! now, i have to make an appoitment to some location that i am not familiar with and a new hairdresser... I am nervous. I am not fussy about my hair cuts... but I am..! Does that make sense!!??
anyhow, i hope to get a new one ... that knows what she is doing and enjoys it!

My aunt and uncle are here from Florida! YOUPEEEE..... Aunt Laurie.. and Uncle Carl. I can't wait to see them... sometime soon. They are here for Canada Day and then off to Florida again for July 4th... I must take a day or two to go visit them in Northern New Brunswick.. and get a little love from my nieces as well!

So I had a few good sales with my scrap supply sale! WOOOHOOOO!!!! In my own little " scrap " store!!! How fun!!!
I am also excited to share with you that I will be making Altered mini Albums and making kits with them to sell monthly! I am really excited about that ... and the store in Fredericton will be selling memberships for me as well!!! A big thank you to Nicole at CompuPro Scrapbooking for her support and encouragement! ( she's very patient !! LOL ! )
so.. if you are in the Fredericton area or even in the Saint John area... you kits can be available for pick up !
I already have a good number of interested scrappers and anxious to delelop this kit club... I have called it " Creative Kits " ... and even have a little side blog for more info .. in case you are interested !!
---> <--- Come On.... I know you want to join me!!!

and that's my post for tonight! .. Wow.. that was a long one! LOL!!

thanks for reading and talk to you soon !!!!


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Featured Cosmo Cricket and Mini

Morning !!!

BRRRR... it's cold here today! It was about 90 degrees on Monday and now, it's like 50.... I had to close the windows cause the breeze was a bit chilly this morning.
Eddie is out playing, Steve is doing the recycle and I am getting ready for work. This schedule is killing me! Really...
Although it's nice to work from 5-9 and no one is really in the office, it's nice and quiet!! heee!!! I'll survive...

So I am cleaning out my scrap room of papers and stuff that I haven't used in the past few months/year .... if you can help or need anything to complete your " collection! " please let me know... :-)
I feel like my scrap mojo has left me for a few days... I think it's cause my scrap room is a mess... hopefully it comes back by Friday for me ...

So... did you see Cosmo Cricket is accepting applications for their Design team... oh my! What a DREAM that would be .... and Dream do come true... imagine .. all i can do is apply right ?! I love Cosmo Cricket, and Julie is sooooo nice and friendly I can just imagine how fun she is to work for! I met her in Toronto in March ... she's a hoooooot and Lindsay too!!! :-)

here are a few of my cosmo projects!
I loved working with this blackboard - the bright colors of the papers just pop and so fun working with robots!! I made this album for my hubby ! HEE!! the Techie!
This is an Easter Album I created for my nieces! I totally fell in love with these papers and chipboard pieces... look how cute the butterflies are ?? the tulips and oh yea... the bunnies??!!! PRECIOUS!
I actually have ' lost ' this album.. I had it on display at my LSS and it's since gone missing... I am so sad... I hope it comes up in the shuffle someday .. if not I will just have to make another!

and this is a canvas I did for a class... It was sooo much fun!
I hosted a class of about 17 girls at a Scrapbook Retreat in April 2007 and all of us created this amazing canvas layout ... so easy and fun to do .. you should try! Just a plain 8x10 painters canvas!

This is also featured in the Cosmo Cricket Gallery !!!

I have more... and you can see those in my 2 peas gallery ( link on the right )

That's all for now!!!
Talk to you soon!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Super Sunday!!!

i am soooooooo happy it's Sunday! I actually put in 51 hours at work this week... I haven't done that in a while!

Oh my.. there is so much pollen in the air here today it's aweful.. I feel bad for all those people with allergies - cause i would think today is a bad one. The sun is out which is nice. All our windows are open and a nice breeze.

I saw Sex and the City last night with Stephanie.... SO FUN! Oh my... i apsolutely LOVED the movie! It was better than I expected! It was soo emotional... up and down... crying and laughing... Oh my goodness I laughed so hard I was crying! Great Movie! Even if you haven't seen the series, You Should seriously consider watching this movie!

So.... I am doing a Large Cleaning in my Scraproom! I even opened up a little storefront! HEE!!! I started listing a few things and more to come in the next few days or so... take a peak...
paypal will be set up shortly, and shipping this week is only 7$ and No Tax! YUP!!! Must get rid of this STUFF!! Make room for more! HA!!

so... i was approached by a store and it looks like i will have my " Creative Kits " for sale to a membership! I am soooo excited. I will be able to announce more news soon!!! But if you are interested > visit my store for more info and of course to sign up!

Alright, that's it! It for today!
Talk soon!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Good Morning! It's Thursday !!!!

Wow, I can't believe I am up so early and it's not a payday! LOL!!!
I guess with my new shift at work, I have to make due with my mornings or I wouldn't see the light of day! I am finding it a bit hard to adjust but I am trying!

I haven't scrapped in a few days, just playing online really. I have some exciting things coming in the next few days/weeks and I can't wait to share with you! It has something to do with Kits!!! Yes, I will be doing Altered Kits with instructions! I have a site in the works right now and should be up shortly to share with you! .... so stay tuned!

Are you an all season scrapper?
Do you like scrapping in the summer just as much as winter?
I love scrappin anytime I can !!!! Summer or Winter. I am usually a night scrapper... from 9pm to about midnight... sometimes a bit later!
But it's so relaxing at night...

alright .. on another note,
Any plans for summer vacation? Going or doing anything exciting?!
I love summer vacation, but usually find it very hectic and busy... traffic, line ups, hot humid weather... I usually like just sitting my butt at the beach or in the pool with a cold drink. What do you like to do during summer vacation?

So Have you Seen
Sex and the City yet??! MMMM!?!???
if so, did you like?? or Love ??! I can't wait to see it... soon.... hopefully this weekend!

chow for now!
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