Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Chainsaw?!

Howdy readers!

Well it's Thursday ... it's been an ok week so far. I think i am drained from the winter weather.... SPRING .. PLEASE COME!!! and yes, we NEED A VACATION to some HOT Spot that serves drinks with fun umbrellas!

So, I gave up on Diet Pepsi about 8 weeks or so ago... and today... I bought a can !!!!!! WOW... now i am bloated again... so i really don't miss it. I guess I just had some craving for a fizzy drink! ( i did have one in Toronto but it was fountain pop.. that doesn't count! )

I bought a new bag from All My Memories Vituri Line in Toronto for my scrap stuff... or work stuff or laptop ..
The one i got is brown.. It's soooooo nice! I love it. That was one of my yummy purchases...
I wanted to tell you something else .. but i forgot! LOL!

Oh yeah...
today... i was sitting in my scrap room and heard this chainsaw... I was like what the heck.. who's cutting down trees... We have nice trees that surround our home and give us privacy from our neighbors - not that we dislike our neighbors ( wink! ) but just want some privacy.
Anyway, I look out the front window and these 2 guys are cutting down trees in our front yard. On our property with a chainsaw and axe... um..... hello!
So me.. in my jammies and no bra on.. put my winter jacket on and go outside... I say " hello boys! " what's going on here!
well the guy had maybe 1 tooth and looked at me and said.. " um.. cutting trees". It was for the power company cause some of our trees were close to the power lines. SO I said... it would have been nice to be notified such as a knock on the door or a letter in the mail.. telling us someone was going to trim trees in our front yard.
Anyway.. i wasn't happy.. they guys appologized and kept cutting. They only cut a few trees and lots of branches.
One good thing about that is ... when the sun goes down we have more sunlight in our bedroom and living room! LOL!!! I guess I am over it!
that's my excitment for today...
thanks for reading!
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