Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Sunny Day...

It's Sunday!
What a beautiful day it is ... again. I love sunny mornings don't you?!
Eddie is out playing around, Steve is still in bed... late night watching the UFC Fight and I am getting ready for work. Yes... Work on a Sunday!
I hope it's not busy and I can finish a bit early. It's sooo nice that it's hard to be sitting in an office but Sunday's are pretty easy going at work so either way... It's a good day!

I finished a layout last night .. playing around with some new Basic Grey. I really love these colors ... now one complaint - Basic Grey really needs to make there papers double sided. So many companies have double sided papers and it's like 2 sheets for the same price and so versitile. So please Basic Grey ... consider double sided?!

It's time for some new photos... but i still love this picture of Steve and I.

Did I tell you I got a Shout Out for a layout at Scrap Fan?! WOOHOO! Thanks girls !!!!
I also got Layout of the Day on Thursday at Grace's!

Well, I am off to work. Have a Great Sunny Day!
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