Friday, April 11, 2008

Fun Fridays!

I had the day off today and enjoyed some sunshine. Eddie went outside to play twice today and I did a bit of cleaning around the house. I can't believe how much dust is flying around here... YUCK!
So the hardwood stairs have been shined... a bit slippery but they look nice! The laundry is done, the dishes are done... wowzers!

I didn't do any scrappin today, I actually tried to organize my layout gallery at ... i had no idea how many layouts I had.. Oh My!
Next I will be uploading some altered items that haven't been posted yet. I just like to have a gallery where all my layouts are posted in case my computer decides to crash someday I will have a backup of my layouts.

Do you have an online gallery ? I hope so. It's a great way to store your stuff for safe keeping!

Tomorrow is Sat and I must work.. yuckie! Steve has the day off to enjoy and I must go to work. I hope it's not busy or maybe I will be lucky and finish early.... and did i hear SNOW is in the forecast???? I hope not.
I am so anxious to get out and play in the garden. The Perenials are calling my name. Steve and I have so much to do in the garden this year... but it's quality time we enjoy together, which is really nice and rewarding too. Are you a gardener?

Well.. time to run!
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