Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve

It's the last day of 2007.
What a year this has been ...
a new wonderful little niece,
a broken window in the kitchen,
major weight gain,
car trouble,
my grand mother passing away,
my love for the hammock this summer,
sharing a beach day with Marissa
a New camera
Paws being published
and many more .....
overall it's been a good year. I can't say a great year, but it's been good. I hope to make 2008 a better year... a Year of
Weight Loss
No major car trouble
More time in the garden
More cooking for my husband
scrapbooking me and my life
and of course a bit more...
health and happiness for me and my family

have you made new years resolutions?

Steve and i have no major plans for tonight. We were invited to a few socials, but have decided to stay home, shovel the ton of snow we got today, and watch movies together with a nice plate of nachos.

I have set up 2 challenges on the Paws Bulletin Board tonight, if you are bored come and participate! It only needs to be done by tomorrow night... the challenges will be posted at 7pm AST ( 6pm EST)

I wish everyone a SAFE New Years Eve!
Please Don't Drink and Drive!

{{ Hugs to you ! }}

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saturday ... Saturday!

I love Saturday nights! Probably cause I know I can scrap and enjoy a quiet night at home.. and sleep in on Sunday morning!

Well a lovely snow storm here today... messy in the morning then rain in the afternoon. It really made the roads nasty for driving. Slippery in some spots too. My parents .. god love them .. drove home today ... usually 3 hours north.. yup.. took them 5 hours !!!! Yuck.. I can imagine how frustrated my dad was. Alteast they got home safely and probably went for a good nap after getting home!

My mom cooked a wonderful turkey last night and today I boiled the left over bones to get some chicken broth and made a TURKEY STEW! you would be so proud mom.. Steve Loved it! WOOHOOO 1 point for me!
I think that's the first time I cook him a Turkey Stew! and it was soooo easy !
Tomorrow we have Turkey Dinner number 3 at the inlaws. I can never get tired of mashed potatoes and stuffing !!!

SO... YUP... today my wonderful husband contacted FUTURE SHOP and spoke to the manager... and guess what ?!?!?! WE GOT OUR CAMERA! Not the one we were going to buy .. but we got an upgrade to a CANON REBEL XTI 10megapixels... the one that i dreamed of for the same price of 399$ WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That's a savings of about 500 bucks.. or so! Imagine .... so some good things do happend. It was pretty bad in the beginning of December but it turned out to be pretty good. Now If i could just win a new car ..... and visit my nieces I would be in heaven!

I am trying to organize a full day of photos with Kathy Thompson Laffoley.... learning a few tips and tricks - even learning a bit of photoshop elements.... We have to finalize a few details but this should be a great day! I have about 7-8 names right now and would love to get a few more.. you don't have to confirm .. simply let me know if you are interested in learning Photography for Scrapbookers!
you can email me directly ... no date or time has been set, this is to show interest only if you are in the Southern New Brunswick area.
you can visit Kathy's blog and amazing pics by clicking here!

talk to you soon! I am off to scrapbook!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

thoughts for today...

It's Friday Night, after another crazy day of shopping, I am sitting at my computer in my new " PINK FLEECE " jammies!!!

Yesterday my parents arrived for a short visit with me and of course to hand out gifts. They've always been generous this time of year.
I got some awesome pink jammies, sweet smelling Bath and Body works lotions, a fleece blanket, gift cards ... and more... It was a good night and a great day shopping with my mom. Dad went to see a movie, and we had a good spagetti dinner.

Today, we of course went shopping again.... but not so pleasant! Did I Forget to tell you Steve and I were at Future Shop at 4am ? Yes, Dec 27th ... 4am outside waiting for the doors to open at Future Shop... We stood in line for about 2hours, I really wanted that camera. So when we got in, they told me ..... sorry we don't have them here yet... BLAH! What ???? me freezing my butt off and you don't have these cameras in yet? They are supposedly on some delivery truck in transit !!!! ya... exactly what i said WTH! ... so I have been going back to see what the deal is and NOONE can give me a straight answer. I feel like I am being given the run around... they keep telling me ... no not here yet but we will call you when it arrives. Well it was on sale yesterday ... intransit for delivery and noone has tracking info? mmmm.. I just want the dam camera!!! well today, I still don't have my CAMERA!!!!!!!!! And I am getting impatient with this whole FUTURE SHOP thing! I wouldn't fuss If I didn't stand in line for 2 hours, but I DID!!!! It's on a delivery truck... again today.. and some invoice stated 19 arrived, but none came off the truck!! Does that make sense? Anyway, I hope this situation is resolved soon... un needed stress!!

I got a hair cut today... yes after a few months I decided it was time!!! I usually get a haircut every 6 weeks, but since my hair dresser has retired, it's been hard! Today, I went... and I don't like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a lot shorter than what i anticipated.... and cut straight. If anyone with blonde hair or dirty blonde hair knows, when you get a hair cut it cannot be cut with straight scissors.. alteast mine can't. So It looks like a 4 year old attacked the sides of my head! LOL.... oh well.... nothing LOTS of hairspray can't hide, and hopefully they grow fast!!

Mom cooked a delicious turkey dinner for us today. Steve was working so it was a meal specially made for me. YUM YUM! I love my mom's cooking. I didn't have the lemon square for desert but it was still a fantastic meal. Tons of left overs and another Turkey Dinner on Sunday! I think I will be turkey'd out by the new year!

All is well,

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day

It's Boxing Day today! I slept in today, actually slept on the couch till about 12noon! Imagine that!!! Although I did do a bit of cleaning ... my parents are coming to visit, so the house has to be somewhat presentable .. LOL!!

We enjoyed a turkey dinner last night at the in laws. It was very yummy! It makes it even better when I don't have to cook or do dishes!

Today, i also did a few layouts ... of course!
Can't be a day without a layout right?

The first one is of Sabrina... called CLICK! I used Elsie Zoe Papers. They are a bit far out, but nice bright colors to work with. I changed Sabrina's picture to a pinkish color ... just for something different!

This is one I did of Eddie -- called "Cat"

I am currently enjoying a nice cup of Apple Cider. That seems to be my favorite drink this winter. Heated in the microwave for 2 min, sip and enjoy! Steve and I are actually getting up at 4am to go stand in line at FutureShop for the Boxing Day sale! Imagine... me in line at 4am! I am really wanting to get a new camera... the Canon is on sale and reduced by 250$ So that's a sale i don't want to miss!
This is the camera...

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT 8.0MP SLR Digital Camera

Wish me luck, cause i don't want to be standing in line for nothing!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas !

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

We went to my in laws last night. It was a good time. The ladies did some drinking of wine.... and a good hour of chatting about life. We had some great conversation and really good wine!
The kids were excited about santa coming and of course I took some pictures.
I was unable to spend time with Marissa and Megan this Christmas but will certainly see them soon.

I did these 2 layouts for Sabrina and Gillian for Christmas ...

Hope they liked them and will add them to there albums!

Have a great day and don't eat too much Turkey!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A little kid again

It's Sunday Night, the weekend came and went quickly didn't it?!

2 more sleeps and it's christmas day. I can just imagine how the little ones are excited!
Remember those great christmas mornings waking up at 3am to see what santa had for us?

I remember one Christmas waking up early, probably 4am or so... and tip toeing to the living room to see what Santa had brought us. Then waking up my sister to let her know Santa was here... yelling Santa was here! I miss those Christms mornings... why can't Santa come to our house anymore? I really was a good girl this year. Could he not leave me something like a new camera, or new garden tools? Why doesn't santa come by my house? Those were The good old days!

The only thing i think i am looking forward to this Christmas is the Sale at Future shop after boxing day !!! Maybe if i am there early enough... I can get that Camera!!!
Why couldn't I be a little kid again, for just one day!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Negative and Positive!

Tuesday Afternoon,
I feel aweful today. My head is spinning and I feel like I am about to fall of the face of the earth! A headache happening, and I have ZITS like I am 13 years old!!!!! What's up with that!?

I don't even know where to start with today's blog... So I might as well just jump right in! I will try to make this positive ... with a few negatives hidden in here and there LOL!!!

We had our snowblower serviced last week because the wheels weren't turning to grab the snow, so the guys came to pick it up - changed a belt, oil change etc... and said there you go it's fixed! Thank you very much after 264.00$. So last night Steve tested it .... and STILL NOT working! Still not turning ... and still not moving any snow! So... we called the guys to come get it again, and hopefully this won't cost us a fortune to get fixed. This snowblower is older than I am... ! Yes, it's an older one maybe 20 years old actually. But it's a great little snowblower... built to last and putting a few dollars in it is really no big issue.... but 264$ and it's not working.. mmmmmm.....

one a positive... the tires my dad sold to us... for 100 bucks that did not fit our car.. yes did they did not fit... next time... Daddy sweetheart - we will check the size to make sure it fits!!! We sold the 4 tires. We got 280$ for them... so that pays for the snowblower repairs.. a good thing.

Steve's dad got a call this morning while having his breakfast that surgery will be today... yes .... today! He's having an aneurysm removed from his abdomen. HOpefully things go well...

The car that we got fixed last week for 1500$ plus.. ya.. it needs something else!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.... I am assuming shocks... or struts... cause the noise coming from the trunk sounds like a big tool box in there!! that will be fixed a bit later... so in the mean time hopefully nobody needs a ride! LOL!!

I haven't mailed CHristmas Cards this year, so if you are on my nice list and you don't get one, please don't be mad! Our Tree is not up either. We do have a fig tree that has white lights and looks nice. OUr outside lights are on and they look good as well. I guess "I" just don't have that Christmas Glow this year. A bit in the dumps actually. HOpefully next year is a bit better for us... it's been a rough 2007.

Now for my acne! I thaught I was over that .... I even took medication for this when I was younger... and now I look like i am in my teen years again! HELP ME!!!!!

We have our men's night at Paws tonight.... I night out should help my mood a bit you think?!!

alright, enough of this crap! I am off to take some Migraine Advil and hope this headache goes away!!
thanks for listening!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Weather man says:

Snowfall warning for: Sussex/Kennebecasis Valley and Kings County
Issued at 4:01 PM AST SUNDAY 16 DECEMBER 2007





Friday, December 14, 2007

It's Friday!

It's Friday and I have zero energy today. I even went to bed early last night but Steve went to bed before I did and when that happens I have a hard time falling asleep. I feel like I was awake all night.
I have about 50 handmade cards to do this weekend to complete a few Christmas gifts, and of course other projects...

We had 2 huge deer in the yard this morning. I tried to take a picture of them but they were behind our trees in the back yard. It would't have made a nice picture. Too Bad they didn't come closer. One of them was starring at Steve in the patio door. I think if we put some food out on our deck they would come up to say hi! Imagine that...

Hopefully I can get a bit of energy to do something today!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sleepy Sunday!

Well I stayed up late Saturday night, enjoying some quiet time with my husband... As he watched the hockey game, I did some scrapbooking. I finished a small Album and LOVE IT!!!!! I can't take pictures yet, but will certainly share it shortly.

I also slept in this Sunday morning. I was so tired for some reason. My head felt like I had 10 elves in there just running around causing havoc!!! So I slept on the couch a hour or so as Steve also took a nap. Looks like we were both exhausted from a hectic week.

Tonight I finished a scrapbook page of Steve and his funky hair ... remember those pics!? I love this layout.. it's him!!

My sister finally took some pictures of Marissa and Megan! YOUPEE! It was nice to see some pictures of them. They are growing up so fast. Little Megan has teeth in the front and little Miss Marissa is getting so tall. I miss them both very much. Unfortunately I don't get to see them very often, but I love them very much.

well, that's all for tonight!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Do Money Trees Exist?

Well it's Saturday Night... time to unwind from a crazy week of ups and downs. A great night to scrapbook and watch the hockey game!
Steve and I just had a great dinner of chinese food with some amazing Chicken balls -- mmm My favorite! Don't you just love great take out food? No cooking or cleaning the kitchen, no thinking about what ingredients to prepare... ? who am i kidding !?!?! I cook about once a week LOL~!! Steve actually does most of the cooking and well since it was my night to get supper ready ... it's TAKE OUT !! HA!!!Although he did enjoy it, and he suggested it.. so I am off the hook on this Sat night!

Well, we brought the car in for an estimate... actually 2 estimates.
The First one was on Thursday afternoon ... estimated cost to get fixed is 2100.00$ LOL.... and the second one was on Friday morning which ended up with a cost of 1440.00$ So Monday morning we bring our car in for 2 days of tender loving care to get fixed.
We have a list that needs to be done, and probably a bit more after the new year but for now, it's new brakes, new rotors and maybe a caliper replaced. Linkage in the front .. right and left, 2 holes in our floor that need to be fixed... right under the drivers side .. the size of about 3" x 3"
... um... new ball join and berrings i think on passenger side, and something else... can't think of it.. this doesnt even include new fuel filter, and diagnostic test for maybe another sensor.. this car has 289000 km and a FORD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCKS UP ALL OUR SAVINGS! Maybe someday we can get something a little newer, but in the meantime it looks like we just keep fixing it.

This morning, the guys fixing our snowblower ( which we need ! ) gave us an estimate of 225-250$ to get repaired. It needs new belt, and something for the mechanism to turn.. with a tune up and oil change.

ALso, the new blizzak tires we got from my father don't fit our car! ToO BIG!
BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Happy Holidays!
It's a Homemade Christmas for us this year!

Keep it positive right? Am I suppose to be in a good mood after spending close to 2000$ on machinery!? When does it get better? When does Money Start falling out of trees? HOw does one save money when it keeps falling out of our pockets?
Anyhow, I'll just sit here an wait!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Car towed!

It's been an exciting day today. Yes, exciting! Steve gets ready for work, hops in the car and drives off for a wonderful day at the office.... I get ready to do laundry and clean up the house a bit ( been a while! ) a few minutes later Steve rushes in the house.... COME HERE he says...
So i come upstairs and he says put your shoes on.... mmmm ok. I thought Deer were in our yard or our trees chewed or something. NOPE! Steve takes me to the car, and our back driver side is ........... LOW.... Our shocks or struts or something is .... not working! so.... steve calls a friend for a drive, and I call a tow truck.
So, tomorrow is the day the mechanics can look at our car and tell us how much it will cost to have the inspection done on our car. I am not looking forward to it! Could be scarry.... I am sure I will keep you posted!
So ... i change my mind about my Christmas Wish List. In case you want to get me something for the holidays... how about a Car.... doesn't have to be new... or maybe even a Car rental so we can drive up to my hometown safely and visit my family during the holidays! National Car Rental is about 250$ !!!! taxes included!!! LOL!

On a happy note, Steve wasn't in an accident and neither was I.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Let it snow!

Oh My Goodness! Have you seen the snow?!
I took this picture of our home last night...

The snow was just coming down with these huge snowflakes. Very Beautiful!
This morning Steve and I were up at about 6am just to look outside! Well, Steve to shovel and me to look outside! The weather man says about 30cm or so which is pretty close to a foot of snow. Steve woke up early to use the snowblower but as he started it ... the front mechanism wouldn't turn. SO he had to shovel our entire driveway! YUCK! The driveway is about 150feet so you can imagine how much shoveling there is. It took him about 1 hour as he was motoring along quite well.

It was a nice day to stay inside for me today, getting in the winter mode. I did this layout of little Miss Marissa from last winter. I love the smile on her face! Hopefully her mother took some pictures of the girls in this snowy weather so i can scrapbook them!

This weather certainly gets you in the Christmas Mood! Let it snow!
I think as long as i don't have to shovel and there is NO ICE on the sidewalks i really don't mind winter!
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