Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day Before Payday!

I had no idea what to call this post so i called it the day before payday! my husband's payday .. but in a way it's my payday too !! HAHA!!

so .. today was a relaxing day - I watched America's Next Top Model.. do you watch? It's so crazy ... and fun to see these girls just digging into each other.
I must say that I am not happy that Mr. James is OUT of Big Brother.. BOOOOOOO... I liked him and really wanted him to stay last night.
now... Natalie needs to go! <<>

So I picked up a little round album at Micheals today... it's sooooo cute. They are coasters made of chipboard and 1$ <<<<>
my scrap friend Elodie has a few layouts with butterflies.... and I love them.

Oh my word! So last night I was driving around town.. at about 830pm running errands and my car lights ........ went off! I turned the high beams on and I HAVE NO LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and my Reverse lights ... NOT WORKING! oh my.. We so need a new vehicle. SO now ... we have to find out what the heck is going wrong and put more money into it...
i keep hoping that I win that MATRIX car from Tim's HOrton's ROLL UP THE RIM contest !!! HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

on that note...
have a good night!
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