Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Pic and a Pillow

Well, I decided today to change the color of this blog! I got tired of the green... so it's now PINKish!
It was a good day today, I got my issue of the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine - Spring Issue. As I was reading it, I came across My Picture !!! HAHAHAH.... Kathy Thompson Laffoley was in Saint John for Canada's Crop For Kids in Oct 2007 and took our class picture... and there I am .. page 98 of the magazine!
Thanks Kathy!!!

Paws also has a 1 page ad in this magazine, right behind the cover! That's exciting...

On another note,
my husband seriously has issues with me snoring.. It doesn't bother me but he has a few issues with it! I have tried SnoreStop sprays, I have tried no pillow, I have tried nose spray, I have tried vicks, I have tried tape on my nose... and well none of those worked! So, My mother was shopping online at costco and noticed a pillow .... OBUS Forme®Anti-snore Pillow --- so this is what she bought me for my birthday!!! At 36 years old, i get an anti snore pillow... Thanks Mom!
So, I have been using this for about 2 weeks, really hard to get use to, it's hard as a rock, and i can't snuggle it like my usual pillow. But Hubby says, " it works!" I am slowly getting use to it, so ... if you have a loved one that snores, you might want to consider this pillow! It's a bit pricey, but hey.... if it works and let's your hubby / wife sleep for a few hours with uninterupted sleep... it might be worth a try..

this is the pillow...>>>

Alright, time for bed, it's midnight!
Chow for now

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tired Today!

I first woke up 730am ... it had snowed last night and was starting to rain... so i had to clear the driveway somewhat so I could get out and before it got so heavy and freeze. Hubby is still not able to shovel heavy stuff - so I am in charge LOL! I haven't shoveled in years! I mean... YEARS!
So Steve came outside with me and started the snowblower... it worked for about 30 seconds and wouldn't start up again.... what the heck!
So I shoveled with a scoops for about 45 minutes and then ... i was done!
i sat on the couch, and my head was spinning. I guess I am not use to physical activity... mmm.. My head felt like i had an aquarium in it! So i took 2 migraine advils and went back to bed... and woke up at 1230pm! What's up with that....

I relaxed for most of the day and fell asleep again on the couch from 630-8pm .... can you say zzzzzz..... wow..
I think I might still be sick with something. My mouth doesn't feel 100% .... might have to go back to Dr...

Anyhow, now I am awake at 1121pm and debating on scrapbooking or going to bed. I get creative at 11pm!
We just had our 1 hour sketch challenge at Paws and I created this layout of my sister using Rose Moka Papers.. YUMMMMY!!!!

i got this email from my sister today, it was my nieces birthday ... Megan turned 1 ... time flies!

here she is with her birthday cake

and I also got this picture from my sister!!!!
A picture of her front yard ....
That is Winter my friends!

I so love living in Southern New Brunswick!
Have a good night !


Saturday, February 23, 2008

so sleepy!

Saturday night, 11pm and I am ready for bed. I am soooo tired. I feel like energy has been sucked out of my body. Litteraly drained. It's been a good week overall - just trying to get better after being sick for so long. Steve said tonight, he feels like he's getting my cold. I hope not... cause i don't want it to come back! HELP!

So i played around a bit tonight, scrappin a Bo Bunny Project Kit for Paws... hope to finish this tomorrow. It is sooo cute.. i love doing mini albums.
Other than that, I have 2 new magazines that i am going to read before falling asleep...

I found a few new fonts online... i just wanted to share these with you!
aren't they the cutest!!!?? love them!

that's it for sat...
tomorrow we go out to dinner with some friends... and hopefully watch Last week's episode of Survivor, Lost and Big Brother...

Ok.. I must say this. I am really NOT a tv watcher... and it drives me crazy that all my favorite shows are on at the same time.... Wednesday nights...
Big Brother and America's Next Top Model... Thursday Nights .. Lost and Survivor... thank goodness we have a PVR so i can record all these and watch them when i want to... otherwise i would be glued to the tv for 2 nights!
yes, 1 hour of tv is big for me... i am usually at my computer or scrappin, so 1 hour away from my computer or scrap supplies... is big!! LOL!!

anyhow, talk soon

Monday, February 18, 2008

Beyond Measure

I just completed a layout using Making Memories products - This layout is of my sister and her 2 girls - Megan and Marissa.

I had this paper and wanted to create a layout of Steve and I but noticed the girls were wearing pink shirts... what perfect paper for this picture! Or what perfect Picture for this paper!!! haha!!

Thanks for looking!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day by Day!

Things are slowly getting better, I am not coughing as much and my tongue is getting better!

This is a picture of my tongue, in case you want to see it !LOL!

this is some sort of bacteria that surfaced on my tongue from Coughing and Strep Throat. A bit disgusting ... yes it is! My tongue is also swollen, and this stuff makes my mouth really dry!
enough of that right!!
So Happy Valentine's Day! It's not something Hubby and I celebrate to be honest with you. I don't get flowers or a card, but I do get a warm Hug and an "I love you" everyday! Vday seems so over rated, a day when men rush to stores to buy flowers and a card. A day where stores make more money for the love of 2 people. I don't think I need flowers or a card on a specific day to know that my Honey loves me! Just my opinion... actually... i don't get flowers often cause Eddie the Cat Drinks the water from the vase all the time!!!! hahahah!!!
But I am ok with that, cause we have about 50 perenials in the back yard!
So, I haven't been scrappin much lately. I finished my DT stuff for Paws on Scrapbooking and that's it! I have beautiful pictures of my nieces, and sister and can't wait to scrap them... maybe once I feel better.

Steve is doing well, he's very mobile and can't sit up and stand up better than Monday.... he's still a bit sore and REALLY swollen in lower abdominal areas!!! It's pretty nasty.. he's been icing that area and hopefully he'll be back to normal soon!

I will post my DT layouts for you tomorrow!
Chow for Now

Monday, February 11, 2008

Well, things aren't better today - i woke up several times last night from Eddie's jumping around the living room and Steve getting up to walk around and have a drink of water. I coughed quite a bit and realized it was time for a Doctor's visit.
I have Strep Throat! Yuckie ... my tongue has this discusting white film on top and is swollen. My dad always said, you can tell if you are healthy by the color of your tongue. Well guess what? I am not healthy!
So now to antibiotics with rest and lots of fluids. Another few days on the couch recoving and hopefully soon i will be able to get out and do stuff! I am dying to scrapbook and also go out and play with our new camera. Steve is doing good with his recovery from surgery - very sore but pretty mobile.
I had to go out and shovel our walkway today, and Kelly was nice enough to send her hubby over to plow... thanks HOMESTAR!

I have no new layouts to post here but - Tonight was our Kit Challenge reveal at Paws. I had about 20 girls participate and 18 of them completed. We had to use Scenic Route Products -- and complete a layout.. it was fun! Really nice to see the amazing talent these ladies have... and also realize you don't need much to make something beautiful!

thanks all for now,

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Rough Month

Well, it's hard to believe that we are in the middle of Feb all ready. I think I have spent most of the month on the couch being sick!
I hardly slept last night and coughed for probably 30 min straight, Steve left and went downstairs, I don't think he slept much either. This cold is really draining me and maybe it's time for some antibiotics or something... I am just too tired to do anything. I seem to feel ok for a few hours and then i start coughing again.

I haven't done any scrapbooking in about 10 days which is a record high for me!!! I have so much that i want to do... projects to finish, layouts brewing in my brain, but i can't seem to find the MOJO to sit and scrap... i hope soon!

It's snowing today, Steve can't shovel for the next 2 weeks so I have to ask a neighbor to help out - I hope they don't mind!

I have been visiting some sites to try and get some sneak peaks at the new CHA stuff for scrap supplies. I am soooo happy Crate Paper is coming out with 4 new collections - how exciting. I also got an email from Melissa Frances, I didn't know she had breast cancer last Jan 07 and has since been given a clean bill of health. What great news!

Here's to a good Sunday and beginning of a new week!
Chow for Now

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Got the Flu?

It's been a week since my last post - and I have been sick ever since! I was feeling a bit better on Friday and visited my family up North for the weekend. I enjoyed some quality time with Megan and Marissa and loved all the good hugs and kisses! I took a few pictures... to the point where Marissa was begging me to stop taking pics!
I came back home on Monday night and got a good night sleep in my own bed.
Tuesday afternoon i got the flu... again, this is the second time this month. I had some 24 hour bug... yuckie feeling for sure. I woke up today at about 3pm and now just having my first meal. I don't like being sick!

Just a sweet pic of Marissa to share with you

and one of little Megan! I put her in this basket and she wouldn't sit still!! but I managed to get a good pic of her.. she's a cutie pie!

aren't they the cutest!??

well today, i got an email from Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine for a layout of Eddie I did a few months ago! I will be published in the Summer 2008 Issue!
YOUPEE!!!! that's exciting!
Also Making Memories has posted 2 of my projects, one is the US album and a layout of Sabrina - Sweet & Sassy!
so those are good news!

This weekend is the Paws On Scrapbooking 2 day Crop, and due to my husband's surgery I won't be able to attend the full weekend ... maybe an hour or so-- but hubby is having Hernia Surgery. I think he's a bit nervous and I don't blame him.. so your support for him is requested!

that's all for now, it's the 1 hour sketch challenge at Paws in 30 min!

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