Sunday, February 17, 2013

Project Life | Up to Feb 16

Another week has gone by! WOW time flies. It's the middle of February already and March is just around the corner... SPRING time ;-)

This week i really didn't have much " going on " ..
We managed to shovel our way out of a snow storm, Eddie went to the Vet's for blood test, Valentine's Day isn't something we celebrate but we did take a few good family pics.

My sketchbook #2 is in the works and so far it looks awesome.. i've learned a few things from book 1 and hopefully i can make book 2 that much better. 

Here are a few close up pics.. the sun is hard to find here and i can only take pics in front of my patio door which isn't great in the winter... so sorry the pics are a little grey.

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a fabulous week ;-)
We are in the middle of another snowstorm here in Southern New Brunswick. I have my kitchen table set up for creating today. I'm hoping to start Project Life 2012 !

chow for now!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project LIfe | Up to Feb 9

Project Life is in Full Force again this week!
I tried a little less turquoise this week! I focused more on my pictures and added simple journal cards. That won't be every week cause i do love the color, but this week is a bit more simple for me.

This week February 3- February 9th
  • is about eddie getting tons of new healthy treats ( grain free, pure protein, no wheat or gluten ) He LOVES Benny Bullys! Seriously if you have a cat or dog try these!!!
  • Hubby had a bit of an accident at work. He was trying to resolve a flooding issue in the office and inhaled some fiberglass insulation. So he's on antibiotics and puffer for a bit. 
  • The Canadian Penny is no longer in circulation -- so those jars of pennies won't be any longer ... that's sad cause forever it was good luck to find a penny.. i guess now that means a little bit more! 
  • I got a new CPAP Machine to help me breathe at night and hopefully help my sleep apnea. So far I LOVE IT! I feel so much better, more energy,and less tired during the day. 
  • on the weekend I was suppose to head out to a crop and create event in Ontario, but that didn't happen. My morning flight was sold out, ( the joys of travelling standby!) and my afternoon flight was cancelled so that plan got cancelled. I stayed home, and relaxed a bit... shoveled the driveway with hubby and he tought me how to use the snowblower.. it was a good week !

Thanks for dropping by today!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Project Life | Sketch

Howdy Readers!

It's Thursday today and I am creating sketches like a mad women! Over 50 sketches created in 2 days, emails galore, and the sketchbook is coming along " swimmingly!" I am sooo looking forward to sharing this with you! I think I have the cover confirmed ..... and today I'm sharing a sketch with you ... ( this won't be published ) just a little sample for you ... it's a Project Life Sketch but could also be used as a double page! 

I am off to Crop & Create this weekend.... all the  way to Markham Ontario!

Can't Wait ;-) The last crop i attended was in October in Ottawa. So i'm anxious to see some familiar faces and meet new ones too ;-) Nicole Nowosad and I will be scrapping the weekend away and helping out a bit. Stephanie sadly can't make it and we'll MISS HER DEARLY! (XOX)

At this event will be Kelly Purkey, Vicki Boutin, Caroline Lau from Maya Road, Beth from Xyron, Kelly Goree, even Becky Fleck from Page Maps!!! How awesome is that? You should consider attending one of these events, they are AWE-SOME!
Here is more info if you want to peek! Maybe make a reservation for a few of their upcoming crops ;-)
I'll be updating my instagram and facebook feed in case you wanna stay up to date! ... 

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Project Life | Up to Feb 2

Project Life is in Full Force here! yup, and I still have all my supplies on the kitchen table! Hubby usually works shift work and only home for dinner a few nights a week, we enjoy watching television and we always end up eating in the living room... so the dining room table is home to my project life stuff for a while. Atleast in the winter time.. the 6 - 60Watt bulbs help and all those windows with natural light makes it hard to be in my scrap room!

I am not sure if i'll be posting My PL pages every week but for sure i'll be sharing a few pages. Once i finished this one I realized that i must really LOVE Turquoise !!

This week Jan 27-Feb3 was about documenting what i was watching on TV, being silly at work, and our wind storm that cut out power for over 7 hours and some residents in the community for over 2 days.

Thanks for peeking!

I'm busy creating sketches for my new Sketch Book coming out soon! WOOHOO can't wait to share this with you xx

Friday, February 01, 2013

January 2013 - Daily Photo

Time to post my my Project 365 pictures! I love doing this. As you can tell somedays I have nothing but the weather, but it's still great to look back and see how cold it was or how much snow we got! 

January was a great month. 
I got a Selphy Printer, I got to do paint some clay with my niece, I started Project Life, I flew to California with Nicole for the weekend, attended CHA, I did get sick with a Sinus Infection, Hubby was happy HOCKEY is back,  I found out I had sleep apnea, Hubby and I did a great shopping trip to Costco, and I scrapbooked in the Dark during a Power Outage! 

Bring On February! 

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