Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's SPRING !!!!

Oh my... what a beautiful sunny day here in Southern New Brunswick.

Steve and I enjoyed the day sitting in our chairs in the backyard. I can close my eyes and listen to the sound of ... nothing.
For hours, I can just sit there and watch the clouds go by.. how nice and relaxing that is. I love spring... no humidity, no hot sticky weather ... the perennials are peaking thru the dirt and ready to grow for another season. mmmm......

I went shopping online today for some scrap supplies... oh my please stop me now!
Pink Paisley.. I think this is going to be one of my fav lines... .... oh my .... i really need help!

Scrap goodies are sooooo fun.

I finished a few layouts today....

One is of Miss Megan and the other of Eddie!
Miss Megan was so sick on this picture, an ear infection, a runny nose, lack of sleep for about 7 days, 2 doses of antibiotics and a black eye from falling down. oh poor thing... and yet she's still so sweet and smiling!
this is Eddie... my pretty kitty!

I might have to retake these pictures cause they aren't showcasing well. the colors are really not good.

I also wanted to send out a { thank you } to the wonderful ladies that emailed me this week... words of encouragement and also kind words of support. I won't forget that!

that's all for tonight!
oh ... just fyi.. my etsy shop asn't been opened yet. If you are checking to see what i have listed.. it's not up yet!!!! Maybe tomorrow or next week... I will keep you posted and thanks for asking!


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