Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good Sunday Morning to you !

What a beautiful sunny day it is again today!
Steve and I got a new vehicle! WOOOHOOOO.... so excited and so overdue. So hopefully today we can go for a nice little ride and I am so craving Dairy Queen Ice Cream! HAHAH What surprise!

So i am getting pretty excited about this new venture for Creative Scrappers blog. It certainly looks promising with quite a few interested scrapbookers. Please, if you would love to join us for even a guest spot... don't be shy to email me!

I haven't done a scrap layout at all this weekend .. yet. I had to work yesterday and it was really busy at the call centre so no mojo for me last night. Hopefully tonight a little bit but Big Brother Finale is on ... GO RYAN !!!! i hope he wins... he's been a great player. Also Desperate Housewives is on tonight... but i am getting really bored with this show are you? do you watch? I hope things pick up a bit cause it might be a show that i no longer watch.

I am on vacation this week.. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO Off for 2 1/2 weeks. I can't wait. Steve and I will be doing some gardening and cleaning up in the house. We are planning a yard sale sometime in May. I think the 17th right now.. I will post for you in case you are in the area! But i have tons of clothes, tv, steve's stuff, and a few misc household things... time to clean up in here!

That's all I really have to report right now!
Talk again Soon!
ps.. yes I love exclamation points! ! ! ! ! LOL!
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