Monday, June 29, 2009

Real Beauty

Another wonderful day to scrapbook! I love being on vacation!!!

I used another picture from Deb's Little Darling! I love scrappin pictures for others... gives me another subject to scrapbook other than my cat, and nieces.

Papers used were October Afternoon's new Cherry Hill Collection, which I am totally in LOVE with!
Embellies are from Prima, Riff Raff Designs, and bumblebees from My Little Bit of Whimsy.

Thanks for peeking!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gone Wild Crop!

I don't go to many crops because I always have a hard time scrapbooking ... i like my computer and my scrap supplies around me... but for some reason this Sat at the Scrapbooking Gone Wild Crop ... I was in scrap mode! I had a blast and completed 4 pages! That's really a record for me ... I so enjoyed myself and had way too much food! Seriously, i am scared to see what the WW scale says on Thursday.... but I had fun and that's what matters right?! .... ya ! hahah...

here are 3 of my finished pages, the 4th is for a future reveal at Creative Scrappers on July 12th.

This last one is one of my favorites .... as of today!
I used the new October Afternoon - Cherry Hill Collection and i love those papers!
The picture is of Deb Harter's Children and also our photo for the Creative Scrappers 1 Picture, Many Pages Contest! If you wanna play and scrapbook this photo please join us... your layout is due to July 9th! I left the journal tag blank so she can fill this out for herself and share her story for this photo.

Remember a few weeks ago I said I wanted to stop scrapbooking and just call it a past hobby of mine... well um... ya, i got my mojo back! Feels fabulous to be scrapbooking again. I think not having any responsibilities for kits, design teams and paid projects takes a little stress off of me... i am just enjoying the scrapbooking process and It feels fantastic!

Chow for Now!

CS Reveal

Our Creative Scrappers reveal for sketch 58 is today!

We had an awesome sketch by Deb Harter and I used some Cosmo Cricket Early Bird papers. The photo is of my nieces S and G. They totally enjoyed a little 5 minute photo shoot acting silly and so themselves! My title is called Lights, Camera, Action!

I have a few layouts completed from the crop yesterday and will post a bit later today or tomorrow.
Hope you have a wonderful day and you can come join in our sketch 58 challenge this week!

Chow for Now!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Ding Ding, Weigh In!

Alright, I will be the first to admit that I haven't kept track of " all " my points this week ... and well the results came this am when I stepped on the scale! I feel great, a don't feel bloated but .... i did gain 1.8 pounds this week.

I think it's the 4 margaritas and 2 glasses of wine I had on Wednesday !!! Hubby and I were enjoying our day off and first sunny day in 5 days and well.... we had drinks and enjoyed a steak, and um... ya! I think my 1 glass of margarita is probably equal to 3 glasses Weight Watchers Style!! ... so yes being on holidays is really not good for the waist line. But I am still keeping track and hopefully next week those pounds will be gone! Sigh .... it's sooooo not easy!

I am packing for a 12 hour crop tomorrow >.. WOOP WOOP!!! should be fun! My scrap buddy Stephie and I will be leaving the city tomorrow morning at 730am for a 1 hour drive east and enjoying a full day of scrappin fun with the GONE WILD crew! I haven't packed my scrap supplies yet ... but printing a few sketches and layouts I love to get some inspriation.

I enjoyed the day with hubby today ... sitting outside in the sun and yes .............. I got my hammock today! The one from last year was getting old and it ripped and finally .... we got a new one today from Wicker Emporium!

It was the last one there and on sale.... woohoooo!!!
it's awesome.. so colorful and I even took a little 10 min nap in it today. I love my hammock! For some reason the sound of the leaves in our trees and the shades makes me sleep like a baby!

We are searching for DT members at Creative Scrappers ... In case you are interested click here for more info! or email me!!

That's all for today! Hopefully I can share a few layouts with you on Sunday!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Scrapping When It Rains!

what do you do when it’s raining?

Other than cleaning, doing laundry and dishes …. scrappin comes to mind!

Since the weather is sooo crappy here, and I am on vacation – there is nothing better than a freshly printed photo, a new piece of paper and an EZ Runner!

After a few weeks of not scrapbooking and really losing my MOJO this weather is nothing but perfect! I sat and scrapbooked yesterday for a few hours and just enjoyed the process again. I felt like making a mess with paint and this is what i created…

Fascinated Kitty
– Eddie looking out the window enjoying the view and being so fascinated!

This is another one I created, my niece who loves her pink hoodie!I wasn’t sure what to do about journaling so I went to the OldNavy website and copied what they had as a description for their own hoodie!! Easy journaling! The papers I used are American Crafts – Teen Collection, nice and bright for her beautiful face!

Thanks for peeking, and hopefully more pages today!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Purrfectly Sweet!

Sometimes it’s nice to get a rainy day! Last night was no exception. When I feel like I have some form of Scrappy Mojo … I must create! I got to enjoy about 2 hours of scrappy time last night and loved every minute of it. I played with some Cosmo Cricket again and I must say … I LOVE THESE PAPERS! The colors are so vibrant and the red just makes pages pop … another fabulous release from Cosmo Cricket!

Isnt’ Eddie the cutest kitty?! I think I say that with every layout i finish of him!

Sketch 57 has been posted at Creative Scrappers Today!

I hope you have a wonderful day and I would also like to wish ALL Dads and my DAD and Eddie’s DAD a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ding, Ding. Weigh In!

Yes, I haven't given up on this one!!! Although the ice cream treats this time of year makes it really hard to loose ... but I am keeping with the program!

I went to weigh in yesterday and I HAVE Reached my first goal of 5% Weight Loss!! WOOP WOOP! .. .. I have lots 12.4 pounds so far and my next goal is 10% Weight Loss... that will bring me down 24 pounds.. I figured at the rate I am going.. it should be .... um... August!!! yes, I know I have to start walking or excersizing, but ... but I hate it! I know i would feel so much better if i did a work out - or join a gym. I can't stand going to a gym. I did tell hubby it's time for him to help me get motivated, maybe this week since we are on vacation we can slowly start a daily 10 min walk...

Unto Scrappy Stuff, I got some new papers this week -- Cosmo Cricket Early Bird and also October Afternoon Cherry Hill.

OH YUMMY! I haven't been in a scrappy mood for some time and last night I decided to tackle a page and I did!!! I Did find some MOJO! I completed a layout for our Creative Scrappers Reveal for Jun 28th! I am a little early in completion, but i really enjoyed this layout.. the sketch is also fabulous - you'll have to come back and see my page!

Ms. Stephanie and I where talking last Thur night and she mentioned she was looking for a new logo/colors for her whimsy shop... I couldn't help but offer my services! She wanted some purple, but i am not a purple lover and was a bit scared at what she would choose... but she ended up with an awesome color choice of Pink, Black and Green! LOVE IT!!!! .... and this is what i created for her ---

I think it;s perfect for her and her store... take a peek and leave her some love...

Hubby and I are planning a little road trip tomorrow and hopefully it includes an awesome breakfast at a local truck stop! HAHAH!! yes, i know tacky but OH MY WORD i love a Truckers Breakfast... bacon, eggs, homemade toast, hashbrowns .. mmmm Yum! Saving some WW points for that one!

on that note, happy Saturday and enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

On Vacation....

Yes, I am officially on Vacation! No plans other than spending 10 days with my hubby doing some gardening, some site seeing around the province and enjoying some quiet time.

I have 18 days off from the " wonderful " office life and I am already enjoying my first day off!

Today, I did dishes, laundry and now getting ready to head out with my dear friend Stephanie to visit Scrapbooking Gone Wild, our LSS. Maybe a few new embellies and papers will get my in the scrapping mood.

I have made the decision to leave my current DT at Scrapbook Sussies. I was contemplating this in early spring and decided this was a good time for me to leave. Since I am not feeling the scrap stuff lately and not feeling like i can " perform " my duties... it was time to go.

Are you Watching TV this summer?! Oh Summer TV for steve and i is HUGE! We don't really watch tv during the winter cause he watches Hockey and I scrapbook... usually.. so Summer Time we get together 2-3 nights a week and watch our 1 hour or so of TV. This summer it's
So You Think You Can Dance? and also BIG BROTHER! We Love Big Brother and have been watching it since 2000!!! yup... Our Cat was named after the first Big Brother Winner ... EDDIE! haaaahahhaha!!! So yes, we are enjoying our shows ...
What are you watching?

Well I am still cleaning my scrap room and selling some items I haven't used in a bout a year or so... and still have a few items left! ... if you are interested in a few things visit my store ...
and help me clean my room!

We announced our new Sketch Team at Creative Scrappers. i am so thankful to have some amazing Sketch Designers... Ms Lady Grace and Karan! I can't wait to see what these ladies come up with for us in the next few months ... Hopefully You Can join us!

That's all for today... I am off to play!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cleaning My Space

Yes, it's that time of year to Clean Sweep!
I have tons of scrapbook products that I haven't used and probably will never use... so I am SELLING!!

I will be listing these all day today.. in my store

no taxes on any products ( except for kits ) and shipping is a flat rate of 9$ Domestic or International! ( if you order magazines, shipping will be more since these are HEAVY)

I will post here when I am finished listing ...

I have Stamps, Rubons, Stickers, Papers, etc... etc... etc..


Saturday, June 06, 2009

Today's News!


I was on facebook last night and saw this post from the Lilypad about the new June BYOC ... and I had to have it! New Digital Elements .. and of course that brings a new Blog Banner and Background. I think I needed something orange and vibrant.. I love it! ... this something else comes along!!! hahaha..

So a few weeks ago i posted a little Rak for a Sears Card.. The Winner is ..
Jennifer said...

Cool! I need some new spatulas....

Congrats to you Jennifer, please email me your address so i can send you a gift card!!! K


Other than that.. no scrappy news.. I've been busy in the garden with hubby.. we moved a few barberries, rose bush, hostas, and well... lots more to do!

I do have a sussies kit waiting for me on my desk, and hopefully i'll be able to tackle that tonight when the hockey game is on for hubby! { GO PENGUINS GO!}

I am planning on cleaning my scrap room this week... so i'll have a few goodies up for grabs at a good price! .. If you need anything make sure you come back and check out my goodies! My paper at 25cents and grab bags to go!!!

It's sunny here today and probably 75 degrees so will be a fabulous day to play outside!
I am almost done my tea... and the plants are needing some water. Eddie has already been out twice today... since 7am. He loves the outdoors... the birds chirping and squirrels running around - his fav place! .. O Speaking of birds... we have a crows nest up in the backyard. It looks like a mother and her new borns, but can't really tell. I know that they are soooooooooo protective. They attacked a squirrel yesterday, Chased it all over the backyard, up and down a tree, nasty! Steve wasn't happy and ran out to save the squirrell... I called him Dr. Doolittle cause he was talking to the squirly making sure it was ok!!! That's My Man!

So I went to weigh in on Thursday and well... i didn't lose anything this week. I didn't count my points for 2 days and well... that's my mistake. I am back on track and hopefully this week I will meet my 5% goal ... let's hang in there right?! I can't give up.. so gotta keep going!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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