Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Snacks and Sneaks!

It's Tuesday night and time for a little blog post.
Well I just upgraded my computer with WINDOWS 7 instead of Windows VISTA and all I can say is WOWOWOWOWOWOW it's fast! Vista took so much time loading and loading and this W7 is fabulous. I am one of those computer people that needs stuff ... now.. like no waiting let's get moving I need it NOW and this is fabulous!

So, yes i had to save all my information/pictures/ files since i reformatted my computer. Well in doing so and searching for pictures today I realized I have NO .. NONE .. NADA No pictures of 2009 except for our trip to MEXICO. I am glad and fortunate that i didn't lose all digi pics from 2001 but .. um ya there is a year missing! Thankfully we didn't do anything exciting this year other than take tons of pics of Eddie and one family pic of Steve and I that I like .. i actually uploaded that one to blogger.. so i guess I have 1 or 2 good pictures from 2009! oh .... silly me always trying to be fast and don't be attention to detail! sigh.....

Here are a few things I am working on...
First is this yummy bowl of Reeses Pieces!!! ahhah.. don't you love these? mmmm

I am working on a class for a SUPER DUPER online site that I will be able to reveal shortly after its been announced!
The mini album is created with Pink Paislee Amber Road and is fabulous with this black 6x6 chipboard book! ... More sneaks and details coming soon!

I am trying to get some Scrap Mojo flowing tonight for a layout that I need finished for this .. um Friday! This is how far I've gotten!

ha ha, at least I have the picture and papers chosen! It's a layout for my Mon Scrapbook DT. I am anxious to play with this yummy kit ... those birds are too cute aren't they!?

and lastly...
I am itching to get the new October Afternoon papers ... I need to find an online store NOW that has these available..... they are too sweet and I can't wait to see them IRL.

Farm Fresh

Report Card

and yes, did you hear ... did you see ? Cosmo Cricket has a new line coming to Scrapbook Stores near you! Nutmeg ....

Take a Peek ...

that's my post for tonight!
I hope you have an enjoyable Tuesday night .. maybe watching tv or scrapbooking and hopefully your mailman brings you some fabulous scrap supplies this week!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I got a new Lens!

Yes, hubby is so nice to me! He got me a new camera lens yesterday. It's been on my wishlist for quite some time and finally it's coming home to me! It was ordering online so I should have it by
the end of next week ... It's the EF 75-300mm f/4.0-5.6 III USM for my camera.
I can't wait to use it. maybe now I'll be able to get a few good shots of the deer in our backyard and sneaking in a picture of my mom or dad without them knowing!

Me Happy!

Mon Scrapbook Reveal

It's Saturday morning! It's reveal day for me at MonScrapbook.com and this is my last layout using Bo Bunny Flutter Butter. I enjoyed working with these fabulous papers cause they are double sided and thick! I really like the diversity the papers offer and they got me using some older photos of hubby and family!

This layout is called Caught Up

My Husband and I took a trip to St. Andrews New Brunswick at the Kingsbrae Gardens a few years ago and inside this cedar hedge were tons of branches. Quite remarkable actually, so of course I had to take a picture of my husband all Caught Up in these branches!

Bo Bunny - Flutter Butter
In Store at Mon Scrapbook ... Please Click Here

Take a peek at the Mon Scrapbook Blog for some amazing tutorials and fabulous layouts!

* this layout was done using Sketch 71 from Creative Scrappers

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Creative DT Calls

Current Design Team Call for Creative Scrappers

Submissions will be taken until October 10 2009

Please include in your application:
Name, address, email address,
link to your blog or online gallery
Forum User Name for Creative Scrappers

Please Send:
3 of your recent layouts

The Design Team will be required to:
Complete atleast 2-3 layouts per month with sketches provided from our Sketch Designers.
Participation in our forum will be required but not mandatory
Exclusive to Creative Scrappers
*(You are asked to design for our Sketch Blog Only, no other sketch blog is permitted)*
You will be required to post our Design Team Blinkie in signatures where permitted and also on your blog!

This is a Term position -- November 1 2009 - January 31 2010

Please eMail your entries to me at Kristine@Creative-Scrappers.com

for more info CLICK HERE
and for info on our SKETCH Team Call CLICK HERE

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thoughts for Today

a few things I am thinking about today....

The morning are getting so cold, i'll have to put the sandals away and start wearing socks again
( did you know this existed!! -- http://www.blackandwhitesocks.com/ )

My tan is slowly fading away, my complexion looks so good with sunkissed cheeks
and blonde highlights from the chlorine in the pool!

I've been on Expedia searching for great hotel deals... I think I am ready for another vacation

I am happy my honey got a new job, but I am not liking him working on Sundays
I am so lonely without him sometimes

I have a hectic work week ahead of me starting Wednesday - 7 days in a row

I wish I had tomorrow Off Work so I could enjoy some time with my Honey

I am washing our Sofa cushions, should be nice smelling and clean in about 1 hour

I am interested in paying someone to paint our living room, hallway area and wondering what colors to choose
- so far ... Benjamin Moore Caliente .. i think that's cause of Mexico!

I need new living room curtains

I loved our beds in Mexico and think spending good money on a bed is a great ideaThese are my thoughts for today!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mon Scrapbook Reveal

It's reveal day for me at MonScrapbook.com

A picture of my parents taken in 1998.
We were enjoying a short 3 day visit in Vancouver and Stanley Park one was of our many stops.

I've been on vacation and away from my scrap supplies for too long! It's time to get back in the groove!!!! Hubby has just ordered his " Super Sports Pack " from our cable company and that means HOCKEY season! I 'll have more time to scrapbook and since I have a box full of new papers from CHAS09 and new pictures - it's time to get cracking!!!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend, it's a little chilly here on the East Coast as Fall is fast approaching. Our leaves are changing color and soon it will be time for some fabulous fall photos.

Enjoy the day and I'll talk to you soon!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back from Mexico!

Hello my scrapper friends!

Yes, Hubby and I enjoyed 7 days in the pool in Cancun Mexico! We had a fabulous time sipping Margaritas, sunbathing, and some wonderful Mexican Cuisine.

I have a few pictures to share with you and a few more a bit later. I am exhausted and for some reason I am having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.. My "reality" world starts again On Wednesday when I go back to work and I am sooo not looking forward to it.

I am editing a few pictures for scrapbooking and anxious to have some new topics to scrap. My travel papers will be in use in the next few weeks!

I'll be blogging shortly about our daily adventures, but just wanted to say HI to you all and I am still alive!

Talk Soon!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Our Last Day

Get up, it's 8am ... I know why get up so early? well it's quiet, it's nice and cool and if we slept all morning we'd miss it!!!
Today it's picture day! We have our Mini Tripod and Camera ready to go.
I am dying of heat already and steve's running around with the self timer ... he got some great photos that i can't wait to scrapbook with, and we didn't really coordinate our outfits, but we tried! Next time we'll be a bit more prepared.

I am not comfortable with the weight gain and well.... i won't show you all pictures but here are a few good ones..

We decided to go Para-sailing today! I was sooo excited. We got on a jet ski to bring us to the boat and got settled in our para-sail. We were pretty high and the view was breathtaking. we could see all the resorts and pools, beach etc that they offered ... it was pretty quiet and not too much activity at about 11am..

a great morning for us! I would soo do this again and maybe a bit longer than 30 minutes .. a bit pricey but well worth it!

It's our last night here so we will enjoy it with a good supper ... in bed! yes, we ordered room service again cause i got a sun stroke. I was shivering cold by about 4pm today. We headed to the room and relaxed for the night .. steve enjoyed his cigar and I enjoyed a warm blanket!
I even had 15 and 30 sunscreen all week but my shoulder blades got a bit too much sun.

a night to relax to wake up early for our flight home ...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's already Thursday!

time flies when you are enjoying yourself ...

We set the alarm this morning for 5am so we could go out and enjoy a sunset. Well 5am was a bit early but we still went out. It was around 6am before we could see any ray of sunshine ..

it was so peaceful and beautiful. We were hopping for something a big more orange and dramatic but this was nice too!
A few people were out jogging at 6am and others were just walking around the pool area before it got 100 degrees.

Today we decided to enjoy the day in the pool again.. LOL!!
the winds were a bit heavy and the red flag was up for swimming in the ocean so we enjoyed the day taking a few pictures of the ocean and relaxing..
it's so nice and blue here... everything is very much relaxed on the Grand Oasis side of the pool! the pool bar was closed due to renovations so we had to get out of the pool for drinks. The Grand Oasis side is more " adult " and quiet relaxed atmosphere.. while the Oasis Cancun Hotel side is much more .. party related and more loud music etc... we aren't party poopers but we do enjoy some quiet time..

Today we enjoyed an amazing LUNCH at the COCOA restaurant. usually there is a line up for dinner service, but for our lunch at 3pm it was nice...

I enjoyed Green Muscles and Shrimp... these were HUGE ... and oh sooooooo yummy! I could have eaten there every day. Steve had jalapeno peppers and fish.. I swear it was 2 pieces that probably measured 6" by 3 " they were massive... a great lunch indeed! and the view was fantastic! We loved watching the parasails and decided ... tomorrow it's our turn!

for supper around 830pm we enjoyed a thai restaurant. It was good... steve enjoyed it more than I did because of the spices ... but it was all good!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I Scream!

Time is going by so fast yet so slow ... after a few days of trying to relax and find our barrings... we start enjoying some quiet time in the pool area and decide to enjoy a few restaurants on the premises...

Today we had lunch at an outdoor grill .. fries and burgers and have a seat to enjoy some shade. I feel this thing on my foot and i think it's steve just being friendly you know... I look down and this IGUANA is on my foot .. just slowly walking by ................... YUCK!

um.. ya I don't like those!
my honey sitting at the table.. laughing at me cause I am terrified of these monsters!

Another fabulous day in paradise!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Time to Move!

Yes it's Tuesday morning and time to get up! It's nice and early and we get ready to head to the beach today. Steve gets up to go to the washroom and I hear him banging in the bathroom.... yes he sees 2 small cockroaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUCK! i don't like those... so a few minutes later I head to the washroom and YUPPPPPPPPPP one HUGE SUCKER! Ok.. i am used to mosquitos, spiders and bumblebees... that's the extend of my bugs and reptiles... but this thing was HUGE... so um.. i screem for steve and he kills it ( he doesn't kill spiders or bugs... so this wasn't easy for him!) and we decide it's time to move to another room .... we head down to the front desk and show them the dead thing ... and we ask to upgrade our room to the GRAND OASIS instead of the same hotel. Seems that this time of year is coming in Mexico to have Cock Roaches in warm climates.. YUCK!
So we pay a few extra bucks and get moved to the Grand Oasis... sigh of relief. This means our purple bracelets get removed and we get new Black ones.. YOUPEEE that's a good thing at an all inclusive! This means we get access to ALL restaurants and Room Service!

We enjoy the beach area today.. it's beautiful
One side of the resort has tons of rocks on the beach due to a hurricane 2 years ago
and it's never been cleaned, but one side is still nice although small and rockie, but still breathtaking.. it's nice and early and noone is really around

the waves weren't huge but after 2 hours in the ocean you get a pretty good workout.
Time for the pool!! stressfull isn't it! HAHAH

a fabulous day..
We went to our room at about 6pm and I was a little pooped.... a little too much sun today and I got chills so we stayed in the room and ordered Room Service...

Monday, September 07, 2009

a relaxing day | cancun

We enjoyed the pool today, with a few less drinks. It's so warm that by 9am we are in the pool trying to cool off. We enjoyed some pool volleyball today, a few hidden spots in the pool for shade... i'm getting a little red ..........

we are still trying to locate a few good restaurants on the premises and just relaxing right now... we are up early and to bed early as well. Around 4pm it's time to head in, watch a movie with Spanish Subtitles and think about where to go for supper. Our supper was usually pretty late ... around 8pm but the crowd were small at that time too.

It's low season for the hotel, and we enjoy that. We get more quiet/ relax time rather than go go go and line ups you know.

we love it here. it's out second time at the oasis in mexico and we enjoy it today just as we did 8 years ago!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

A few drinks today!

Sunday Sep 6th...

it's 730am and time to get up we are in Mexico!

we went off to breakfast, got our towels and headed towards the pool. Another beautiful sunny day. The pool bar opens at 10am... and we were there, Pina Coladas and Coronas please...

We enjoyed a relaxing morning until we met a couple from OHIO .. Robyn and Darrell.. oh my!
We sat in the pool all day reapplying our 30 sunscreen and often times searching for shade, but the drinks kept coming .... rum and cokes, margaritas, pina coladas, miami vice, superman, and bob marleys.... and well by 6pm it was time for bed!!! Yup, we were a little intoxicated to say the least.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Heading South ...

Saturday morning Sep 5th..

I have seriously butterflies this morning and anxious for our flights. We are travelling with expired passports but we do have birth certificates and photo id. I hate this ... why .. why did we not get our passports like 2 years ago when we were suppose to... Thank goodness we are permitted to travel as Canadians with expired passports but I still have Butterflies.

It's 6am and we are ready for our shuttle service, we didn't sleep at all since the Air Conditioner was making noise all night... but we are excited to be off on vacation. It's been a while!

We check in and since we fly standby ( i'm an employee ) we don't have seat selection until 20 min or so prior to departure. .... we wait patiently with our carry on bags and yes.. anxiety. I know we still have about 30 open seats on plane but it's still nerve wracking.

It's almost boarding time and they call our names ... party of 2 Davidson to the counter please ...
We get our seats!! WOOP WOOP .. we paid a higher service fee and were able to get Business Class... If you've never flown business class ... it's AMAZING!
You get priority boarding .. so you are on the aircraft before everyone else is, get your coffee or juice and relax. The chairs are like lazy boys... and so much leg room. We were gitty just like school kids!
We watched the movie ... Ghosts of Girlfriends past with Jennifer Garner and Yummy Matt M.
I was crying during a part in the movie and laughing at the same time.. whoever was behind us might of thought i was crazy or something!! hahh .. great movie!

The flight went very well and I enjoyed taking a few pics on the way.

this is a picture looking down into the Caribbean Sea, with cloud on top .. beautiful view!

We landing in Cancun Mexico at about 11am.. If you've never been to Cancun and you land in this airport.. be prepared to be BOMBARDED by travel counsellors asking you questions about your stay. They are people who want you to visit new TIME SHARE properties and they HOUND you for about 2 hours ... we knew this because we've been to Cancun before and we knew to ignore them.. it's really chaotic!

We had prearranged Shuttle Service with Cancun Shuttle and patiently waited for them to arrive for us. The driver was really nice and gave us a few tips about our stay...

We arrived at our hotel .. the CANCUN OASIS at about 12 noon and all i can say is .. IT WAS HOT! both steve and i were drenched and really anxious to hit the pool bar! They checked us in, we changed in our swimsuits and headed for the pool. Our Room wasn't going to be ready until after 3pm.

We ended up enjoying about 3 hours of pool time and some fabulous margaritas and Modelo beers! ... ah.... cancun .............

We got settled in to our room, got ready for dinner .. we were looking for the pasta place but couldn't find it ... so we ended up in the buffet area. It was really warm, something we weren't use to, so we walked around the resort, relaxed and headed to bed early.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Off to Mexico

We leave from New Brunswick today for a direct flight to Toronto.

It was a beautiful sunny day and once in the aircraft we could see for miles... so clear and beautiful. We arrived in Toronto at about 7pm ish and got a shuttle to our hotel. Our hotel .. the Best Western Toronto Airport had free shuttle service which helped a great deal but the Hotel itself was a bit " older " but it was fine for 1 night.

Once settled in we headed to the hotel restaurant and I enjoyed some amazing Quesidillas and Steve enjoyed a plate full of homemade fries and ribs ..

We went to bed early for our 5am wake up call...

I have butterflies!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

"Family" Layout

Good Morning, It's a MonScrapbook DT Reveal today!
I have the pleasure of playing with some Bo Bunny Flutter Butter this month and I am really enjoying the versitility of these papers. One side is pretty much simple and one side is more detailed with flourishes and flowers. This is my first of 3 or 4 layouts this month and it's called Family.

My husband and I had our own little photo shoot in the backyard a few weeks ago and of course we had to include our furry friend in the " family " photo! I love the little flowers cause they match Eddie's Fur!!

Stay tuned for more layouts using these papers!
My reveals for MonScrapbook are on Saturdays ( except Sat 12 )

Have a scrappy day!
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