Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Time to Move!

Yes it's Tuesday morning and time to get up! It's nice and early and we get ready to head to the beach today. Steve gets up to go to the washroom and I hear him banging in the bathroom.... yes he sees 2 small cockroaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUCK! i don't like those... so a few minutes later I head to the washroom and YUPPPPPPPPPP one HUGE SUCKER! Ok.. i am used to mosquitos, spiders and bumblebees... that's the extend of my bugs and reptiles... but this thing was HUGE... so um.. i screem for steve and he kills it ( he doesn't kill spiders or bugs... so this wasn't easy for him!) and we decide it's time to move to another room .... we head down to the front desk and show them the dead thing ... and we ask to upgrade our room to the GRAND OASIS instead of the same hotel. Seems that this time of year is coming in Mexico to have Cock Roaches in warm climates.. YUCK!
So we pay a few extra bucks and get moved to the Grand Oasis... sigh of relief. This means our purple bracelets get removed and we get new Black ones.. YOUPEEE that's a good thing at an all inclusive! This means we get access to ALL restaurants and Room Service!

We enjoy the beach area today.. it's beautiful
One side of the resort has tons of rocks on the beach due to a hurricane 2 years ago
and it's never been cleaned, but one side is still nice although small and rockie, but still breathtaking.. it's nice and early and noone is really around

the waves weren't huge but after 2 hours in the ocean you get a pretty good workout.
Time for the pool!! stressfull isn't it! HAHAH

a fabulous day..
We went to our room at about 6pm and I was a little pooped.... a little too much sun today and I got chills so we stayed in the room and ordered Room Service...
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