Monday, September 07, 2009

a relaxing day | cancun

We enjoyed the pool today, with a few less drinks. It's so warm that by 9am we are in the pool trying to cool off. We enjoyed some pool volleyball today, a few hidden spots in the pool for shade... i'm getting a little red ..........

we are still trying to locate a few good restaurants on the premises and just relaxing right now... we are up early and to bed early as well. Around 4pm it's time to head in, watch a movie with Spanish Subtitles and think about where to go for supper. Our supper was usually pretty late ... around 8pm but the crowd were small at that time too.

It's low season for the hotel, and we enjoy that. We get more quiet/ relax time rather than go go go and line ups you know.

we love it here. it's out second time at the oasis in mexico and we enjoy it today just as we did 8 years ago!
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