Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's already Thursday!

time flies when you are enjoying yourself ...

We set the alarm this morning for 5am so we could go out and enjoy a sunset. Well 5am was a bit early but we still went out. It was around 6am before we could see any ray of sunshine ..

it was so peaceful and beautiful. We were hopping for something a big more orange and dramatic but this was nice too!
A few people were out jogging at 6am and others were just walking around the pool area before it got 100 degrees.

Today we decided to enjoy the day in the pool again.. LOL!!
the winds were a bit heavy and the red flag was up for swimming in the ocean so we enjoyed the day taking a few pictures of the ocean and relaxing..
it's so nice and blue here... everything is very much relaxed on the Grand Oasis side of the pool! the pool bar was closed due to renovations so we had to get out of the pool for drinks. The Grand Oasis side is more " adult " and quiet relaxed atmosphere.. while the Oasis Cancun Hotel side is much more .. party related and more loud music etc... we aren't party poopers but we do enjoy some quiet time..

Today we enjoyed an amazing LUNCH at the COCOA restaurant. usually there is a line up for dinner service, but for our lunch at 3pm it was nice...

I enjoyed Green Muscles and Shrimp... these were HUGE ... and oh sooooooo yummy! I could have eaten there every day. Steve had jalapeno peppers and fish.. I swear it was 2 pieces that probably measured 6" by 3 " they were massive... a great lunch indeed! and the view was fantastic! We loved watching the parasails and decided ... tomorrow it's our turn!

for supper around 830pm we enjoyed a thai restaurant. It was good... steve enjoyed it more than I did because of the spices ... but it was all good!
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