Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thoughts for Today

a few things I am thinking about today....

The morning are getting so cold, i'll have to put the sandals away and start wearing socks again
( did you know this existed!! -- )

My tan is slowly fading away, my complexion looks so good with sunkissed cheeks
and blonde highlights from the chlorine in the pool!

I've been on Expedia searching for great hotel deals... I think I am ready for another vacation

I am happy my honey got a new job, but I am not liking him working on Sundays
I am so lonely without him sometimes

I have a hectic work week ahead of me starting Wednesday - 7 days in a row

I wish I had tomorrow Off Work so I could enjoy some time with my Honey

I am washing our Sofa cushions, should be nice smelling and clean in about 1 hour

I am interested in paying someone to paint our living room, hallway area and wondering what colors to choose
- so far ... Benjamin Moore Caliente .. i think that's cause of Mexico!

I need new living room curtains

I loved our beds in Mexico and think spending good money on a bed is a great ideaThese are my thoughts for today!
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