Friday, September 11, 2009

Our Last Day

Get up, it's 8am ... I know why get up so early? well it's quiet, it's nice and cool and if we slept all morning we'd miss it!!!
Today it's picture day! We have our Mini Tripod and Camera ready to go.
I am dying of heat already and steve's running around with the self timer ... he got some great photos that i can't wait to scrapbook with, and we didn't really coordinate our outfits, but we tried! Next time we'll be a bit more prepared.

I am not comfortable with the weight gain and well.... i won't show you all pictures but here are a few good ones..

We decided to go Para-sailing today! I was sooo excited. We got on a jet ski to bring us to the boat and got settled in our para-sail. We were pretty high and the view was breathtaking. we could see all the resorts and pools, beach etc that they offered ... it was pretty quiet and not too much activity at about 11am..

a great morning for us! I would soo do this again and maybe a bit longer than 30 minutes .. a bit pricey but well worth it!

It's our last night here so we will enjoy it with a good supper ... in bed! yes, we ordered room service again cause i got a sun stroke. I was shivering cold by about 4pm today. We headed to the room and relaxed for the night .. steve enjoyed his cigar and I enjoyed a warm blanket!
I even had 15 and 30 sunscreen all week but my shoulder blades got a bit too much sun.

a night to relax to wake up early for our flight home ...
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