Thursday, March 13, 2008

Still Awake...

It's about 12:30am .. and I am still awake! I have had a good day but with a dry hacking cough. This has been the longest few months I have ever had... Sick ... sick ..sick.. I think the entire population of Canada is sick these days. If not sick then please share your vitamins with us !

It's starting to look like Spring in my back yard. I can see the garden brown as it is - it still looks nice! The place where we put our hammocks and Adirondack chairs is bare and just waiting for us to claim our spot again. The branches on our Dappled Willow are nice and bright red showing some winter growth ( i think! LOL! ) it looks great.
I heard another snow storm is coming on the weekend March 15th...
I so remember this day ... It's the day before my birthday and usually a snow storm appears with brisk winds and blowing snow.
Then the morning after .... it's SPRING!!!

Don't you feel awake and alive now at dinner time ... i noticed that for the past 2 nights around 630pm it's still daylight. WOW I love that! Gives us a bit more energy and so nice to drive home from work and it's daylight.

Well, Products are arriving daily at Paws On Scrapbooking!!! We will be getting sooooooooo many new supplies in the next 10-15 days. I will have to roll my pennies to get more scrap supplies!!! ha!

Only 2 weeks to go and Janique and I will be heading to Toronto at the Open Page retailers event! I can't wait ... goodie bags, freebies, food, functions, classes, make n takes and so much more... I am really excited about this event ... we won't have much shopping to do - although I am sure Janique and I can put a dent in a credit card with scrap goodies!

Anyhow, I am done my NeoCitron! Time for Bed....
chow for now
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