Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Madness

Remember last night I wrote I had to go to bed cause 7am was close?
Well ... let me tell you what night I had last night.
Steve and I both went to bed at the same time - which is really rare ...cause he always stays up later than I.

So at about 12am... we head to bed
1230am.. I am tossing around trying to find comfort
1am.. I change my " anti snore " pillow to my regular pillow
130am Steve is snoring... and I can't fall asleep
i talk to him while he is sleeping. Telling him he's snoring and about to swallow his tongue!
200am I am so warm .. and getting really tired. I get up for a drink and head back to bed.
230am I am really upset.. after counting sheep, dogs, cats, scrapbook papers !! I can't fall asleep
300am.. I head downstairs in our spare bedroom
305am.. EDDIE thinks jumping in the mini blinds will get me to pay attention to him... with one foot in and one foot out of the blinds.. he sits for 1 min.... then jumps on me.. and off the bed
310am.. I fall asleep .. exhausted!
330am.. Steve comes downstairs to see if everything is alright with me... thus waking me up ..... but i am so tired I fall back asleep
645am... steve comes in to wake me up!
WOWZERS what a long night...
thank goodness I managed to get the day off today.. cause I wouldn't have been pretty to customers!

so now it's 835pm and I am ready for bed!

I have some packing to do to get ready for Toronto... departure time 1130am.

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