Saturday, March 08, 2008

Saturdays Stories

It's Saturday!

I have been away from home since Monday ... and anxious to start scrapbooking again! I get these withdrawals that i need to scrap! Is that a bad thing?

I took some good pictures of Marissa... I had to pay her! LOL!!!! She was getting so tired of my snapping and walking around with my camera. She was screaming beggin me to stop..So i told her I would pay her if she let me take 3 more pictures ( really 30 ) but she let me ... with a few coins in a ziplock bag!
so a few pictures to share of the girls ...

and take a look at this!!!!
This is my mom and dad's house in Grand Falls NB!

So much snow that the kids can't even go outside and play!!!!! The snow banks are so high, you can't even see outside when you are inside looking out. I was in shock....

I guess i was in a hurry to leave Grand Falls yesterday... I forgot my bag! My bag of clothes !!! LOL ... so i am stuck with a few things at home, but most of my clothes that " fit me ! " are at my sisters.... hopefully she ships them soon!
that's it for today,
off to play!
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