Saturday, March 08, 2008


It's so nice to be back home!
I love visiting with family and seeing everyone, but for some reason it's always nice to be home. In my own bed, my pillow, and oh my ... my nice BIG SHOWER!

It was a great visit with family - even under the circumstances - we all enjoyed
each others company and lots of hugs!
The weather was pretty bad on Wednesday night for my grand father's viewing but some made an apperance. It was nice to see familiar faces... aging a bit but all looking well and sharing great stories about my Grand Father's old restaurant that was so famous for years...Kertson's Restaurant!

The eulogy was done by my uncle Carl, who is a fantastic public speaker and preacher himself. He did a wonderful job in sharing stories - My grand father's WWII Medals were given to my uncle Richard, whom himself served in the Vietnam War. That was an emotional moment for all of us.

It really was more of a celebration of the good times we've had with him, than remembering the bad. We all have bad moments and things we've done that we'd love to erase from our memories, but it's what makes us individuals.

I am sure my Grand Father is now laying with my Grand Mother and happy together again.
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