Thursday, June 05, 2008

Good Morning! It's Thursday !!!!

Wow, I can't believe I am up so early and it's not a payday! LOL!!!
I guess with my new shift at work, I have to make due with my mornings or I wouldn't see the light of day! I am finding it a bit hard to adjust but I am trying!

I haven't scrapped in a few days, just playing online really. I have some exciting things coming in the next few days/weeks and I can't wait to share with you! It has something to do with Kits!!! Yes, I will be doing Altered Kits with instructions! I have a site in the works right now and should be up shortly to share with you! .... so stay tuned!

Are you an all season scrapper?
Do you like scrapping in the summer just as much as winter?
I love scrappin anytime I can !!!! Summer or Winter. I am usually a night scrapper... from 9pm to about midnight... sometimes a bit later!
But it's so relaxing at night...

alright .. on another note,
Any plans for summer vacation? Going or doing anything exciting?!
I love summer vacation, but usually find it very hectic and busy... traffic, line ups, hot humid weather... I usually like just sitting my butt at the beach or in the pool with a cold drink. What do you like to do during summer vacation?

So Have you Seen
Sex and the City yet??! MMMM!?!???
if so, did you like?? or Love ??! I can't wait to see it... soon.... hopefully this weekend!

chow for now!
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