Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Featured Cosmo Cricket and Mini

Morning !!!

BRRRR... it's cold here today! It was about 90 degrees on Monday and now, it's like 50.... I had to close the windows cause the breeze was a bit chilly this morning.
Eddie is out playing, Steve is doing the recycle and I am getting ready for work. This schedule is killing me! Really...
Although it's nice to work from 5-9 and no one is really in the office, it's nice and quiet!! heee!!! I'll survive...

So I am cleaning out my scrap room of papers and stuff that I haven't used in the past few months/year .... if you can help or need anything to complete your " collection! " please let me know... :-)
I feel like my scrap mojo has left me for a few days... I think it's cause my scrap room is a mess... hopefully it comes back by Friday for me ...

So... did you see Cosmo Cricket is accepting applications for their Design team... oh my! What a DREAM that would be .... and Dream do come true... imagine .. all i can do is apply right ?! I love Cosmo Cricket, and Julie is sooooo nice and friendly I can just imagine how fun she is to work for! I met her in Toronto in March ... she's a hoooooot and Lindsay too!!! :-)

here are a few of my cosmo projects!
I loved working with this blackboard - the bright colors of the papers just pop and so fun working with robots!! I made this album for my hubby ! HEE!! the Techie!
This is an Easter Album I created for my nieces! I totally fell in love with these papers and chipboard pieces... look how cute the butterflies are ?? the tulips and oh yea... the bunnies??!!! PRECIOUS!
I actually have ' lost ' this album.. I had it on display at my LSS and it's since gone missing... I am so sad... I hope it comes up in the shuffle someday .. if not I will just have to make another!

and this is a canvas I did for a class... It was sooo much fun!
I hosted a class of about 17 girls at a Scrapbook Retreat in April 2007 and all of us created this amazing canvas layout ... so easy and fun to do .. you should try! Just a plain 8x10 painters canvas!

This is also featured in the Cosmo Cricket Gallery !!!

I have more... and you can see those in my 2 peas gallery ( link on the right )

That's all for now!!!
Talk to you soon!
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