Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Featured Cosmo Cricket and Mini

Morning !!!

BRRRR... it's cold here today! It was about 90 degrees on Monday and now, it's like 50.... I had to close the windows cause the breeze was a bit chilly this morning.
Eddie is out playing, Steve is doing the recycle and I am getting ready for work. This schedule is killing me! Really...
Although it's nice to work from 5-9 and no one is really in the office, it's nice and quiet!! heee!!! I'll survive...

So I am cleaning out my scrap room of papers and stuff that I haven't used in the past few months/year .... if you can help or need anything to complete your " collection! " please let me know... :-)
I feel like my scrap mojo has left me for a few days... I think it's cause my scrap room is a mess... hopefully it comes back by Friday for me ...

So... did you see Cosmo Cricket is accepting applications for their Design team... oh my! What a DREAM that would be .... and Dream do come true... imagine .. all i can do is apply right ?! I love Cosmo Cricket, and Julie is sooooo nice and friendly I can just imagine how fun she is to work for! I met her in Toronto in March ... she's a hoooooot and Lindsay too!!! :-)

here are a few of my cosmo projects!
I loved working with this blackboard - the bright colors of the papers just pop and so fun working with robots!! I made this album for my hubby ! HEE!! the Techie!
This is an Easter Album I created for my nieces! I totally fell in love with these papers and chipboard pieces... look how cute the butterflies are ?? the tulips and oh yea... the bunnies??!!! PRECIOUS!
I actually have ' lost ' this album.. I had it on display at my LSS and it's since gone missing... I am so sad... I hope it comes up in the shuffle someday .. if not I will just have to make another!

and this is a canvas I did for a class... It was sooo much fun!
I hosted a class of about 17 girls at a Scrapbook Retreat in April 2007 and all of us created this amazing canvas layout ... so easy and fun to do .. you should try! Just a plain 8x10 painters canvas!

This is also featured in the Cosmo Cricket Gallery !!!

I have more... and you can see those in my 2 peas gallery ( link on the right )

That's all for now!!!
Talk to you soon!


  1. WOW, Kristine! Your pages and books are SO detailed and gorgeous.

  2. Wow, Kristine you rock! Your projects are awesome!

  3. Tell me you ARE applying, right? You better, or I'll never let you hear the end of it, LOL!

  4. Go for it Kristine!!!! Good luck!!

  5. Stopped in to check out the competition! Ha! Fabulous work... really like the mini album - too cute! Good Luck! And really mean it. ~wink wink~


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