Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's Wednesday ...
It was a good day today! I had to go to work, but it wasn't too busy so i was able to jot down some ideas and doodle a bit! That's always fun! HAA!!
I then had a class at my home tonight. We were a great group of girls. The class went for 3 hours but it seems like only 30 minutes! I love those classes. It had been so long since I actually hosted a class . The project was a Mixed Media Album and done with Pink Paislee papers... beautiful! We all had a great time and I am geared up for more !

Grr.... I haven't seen or gotten my issue of the Canadian Scrapbooker yet! My friend told me Eddie was on the inside cover and posted again in the pets section of the magazine! WOOOT WOOOOT! I can't wait to see it!!! How exciting! Come On Canada Post .. Hurry UP!

The weather was so nice here today. A bit windy but it's nice to see the perenials growing and everything turning green. I love this time of year. Sometimes I find May warmer and nicer than the month of June. But it seems so dry.. hopefully we get a bit of rain in the next week or so otherwise it's time to water the plants... I should take some pictures and show you the gardens in the back yard... I might do that tomorrow and post.

well that's it for now, my life is exciting isn't it! LOL!!!

ooo.. i guess I do have some news to share..
remember the car we bought 1 month ago! ? well the back windshield is broken... it's litterly coming apart! GRRRRRRRRR... what are we suppose to do about that..?? well.. luckily speedy auto glass can fix it for pretty cheap .. but what the hell! We just got this darn car, I hope it doesn't give us a hard time! I don't like car repairs... i've had too many and it's not like i drive like some crazy woman either. oh well...

alright, time for some blog browsing!
talk to you tomorrow
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