Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hello fellow friends and readers !!!

Well I have news to share ... in case you haven't heard!!!
I have been helping Nicole from CompuPro Scrapbooking In Fredericton NB get herself set up as an online store with forum and gallery! It all started as a blog message - her asking me for my kits.... and then WOWZERS we're building a website together!!! ( and of course thanks goes to Heather from Hot Pink Flamingos! )

Come on over If you have a chance sign up and say hi!

some things are still being finetuned... like the pink background... we can't seem to decide which one, or even white or black!! LOL!! but it's all good..

The store will be up and running after Nicole has done her July Inventory!
I have been chosen as a Design Team member for her and as a side ADMIN for her board.
My Creative Scrappers blog is my #1 priority, and my Creative kits as well and she was nice to understand that and still have an open invitation for me for her site!

Yes, I am busy! I LOVE IT, LOVE IT! ... and can't stay away.. never will! Unless Cross Stitching comes back with a vengance LOL!!

So, that's my story today! I am going to sit back, relax, have some ice cream and scrapbook for an hour or so!

Talk to you tomorrow with a few layouts and maybe some garden pictures!

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