Thursday, June 19, 2008


The sun is shinning, a cool breeze is blowing, it's the middle of june and oh... so nice! The shrubs are growing and the perennials are blooming. Isn't this a great time of year?

Oh my, speaking of perennials.... we have this astilbe that is planted next to our deck in the backyard. It as barely any sun and really a lot of moisture cause of it's location... and WOWZERS... this plant is ... right now about 6 feet high!!!! It's wild.... it's only suppose to be about what... 24 inches or something... it's really going like crazy. I will have to take a pic and show you.... I have other of it's " sisters " in the garden, and they are only about ... 12-18" high already.. so this is for sure some mutated plant!

Eddie is enjoying this weather and really loves going outside in the morning before Steve and I get ready for work. The only problem with that is... on a day off! He sits on the bed, and MEOWS like crazy .... begging us to get up and let him go out... what a spoiled little kitty!!

So, I am assuming you have heard about the layoffs that will happen again at Air Canada .... 2000 employees will be " layed off " prior to November 1st 2008. I think about 30 of them will be Call Centre staff... but not sure. I hope to see a few people be able to transfer so as not to lose there jobs... I am sure others will be transferring, taking leave of absences and maybe early retirement... I so wish I could take an early retirement! imagine.... me .... 36 years old ... retired!!! LOL!! I wish!
mmm.. what would I do with my time off ....?? SCRAPBOOK!!!!! Yes.... that i could do!

Well, as i sit here with a pony tail and bangs in my eyes... i realize it's time for a hair cut.... I really miss my hairdresser... have i said that before... ? yes I think so! She left to persue other interest and MAN I miss her!!! now, i have to make an appoitment to some location that i am not familiar with and a new hairdresser... I am nervous. I am not fussy about my hair cuts... but I am..! Does that make sense!!??
anyhow, i hope to get a new one ... that knows what she is doing and enjoys it!

My aunt and uncle are here from Florida! YOUPEEEE..... Aunt Laurie.. and Uncle Carl. I can't wait to see them... sometime soon. They are here for Canada Day and then off to Florida again for July 4th... I must take a day or two to go visit them in Northern New Brunswick.. and get a little love from my nieces as well!

So I had a few good sales with my scrap supply sale! WOOOHOOOO!!!! In my own little " scrap " store!!! How fun!!!
I am also excited to share with you that I will be making Altered mini Albums and making kits with them to sell monthly! I am really excited about that ... and the store in Fredericton will be selling memberships for me as well!!! A big thank you to Nicole at CompuPro Scrapbooking for her support and encouragement! ( she's very patient !! LOL ! )
so.. if you are in the Fredericton area or even in the Saint John area... you kits can be available for pick up !
I already have a good number of interested scrappers and anxious to delelop this kit club... I have called it " Creative Kits " ... and even have a little side blog for more info .. in case you are interested !!
---> <--- Come On.... I know you want to join me!!!

and that's my post for tonight! .. Wow.. that was a long one! LOL!!

thanks for reading and talk to you soon !!!!

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