Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Winter Wonderland!

I Went to bed last night at about 1130pm and woke up this morning at 630am with about 25cm of snow outside!!!! YUCK!
Old Man Winter is certainly making an appearance giving us a Winter Wonderland!

I went out this morning at 630am to take pictures... imagine that! I guess I need to read the manual on our new camera cause it wouldn't take far away pictures due to lighting .... Auto Focus that is... but I did manage to go out later and take pictures after Steve got home.... It was really nice and white !
Time to turn the heaters on and stay warm tonight!

Something to give you a little inspiration - We have a 1 hour sketch challenge on the Paws Bulletin Board tonight.. come on over!

I finished my class project last night --- this is for my class on January 21st at Paws... A Recipe Book. It has folders inside so you can put your recipes and 2 binder rings that will allow you to put more papers!
Kind of cute, I like it... and it's filled with some of my favorite recipes right now! Come Join me on Monday Jan 21st to create your own ... or you can always get a class kit! Email me for more info.
that's it for now!
~ K
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