Friday, January 04, 2008

Baby it's Cold Outside!

Oh my goodness... someone please turn the heaters on! It's freezing tonight. It's about -30C degrees outside with the windchill. I think no matter how high we turn the heaters on, it's still chilly in this house! brrrr.

I did no scrappin today, it was a day i shared with my honey since he took the afternoon off. It was nice to sit and watch tv and just relax. We did recycling today -- about 3 huge bins of plastic, paper, cans and cardboard. In Scrapbooking we waste tons of packaging and paper so I feel that it's important to recycle what I can and save a little piece of earth, And Steve is persistent!!

I watched the Secret today! I can't read a book if i tried, i have a busy head and can't concentrate on books. I am a visual person so I had to watch the video. It was really interesting and I liked the message.... " keep it positive and it will be positive" ... so we are trying this No Negative energy thing... see how long that last !! LOL!!! hahaha can you hear me laughing.. ? but yes, keep it positive! I did get my camera! Out of no yes I do believe!

on that note, time for bed and some warm blankets.. brrrrr !

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