Saturday, January 05, 2008

Super Saturday!

Oh my goodness.. what a busy couple of days!
It was out big BLOW OUT Sale today at Paws On Scrapbooking .... and wowzers we were busy!
Friday night a friend of mine and amazing scrapper Cindy and I started pricing online ... we were up till 2am! I got home and could not sleep brain was in overdrive! Thanks Cindy for all your help!

Saturday morning - i was up at about 730am with little sleep and got ready to go to paws to get some orders ready! In less than 12 hours .. we had over 150 orders or so...... BONKERS! Thank you all the ladies who spent there hard earned money with us .... now we can shop for more new scrap products. Our shelves are now bare, our paper racks empty and woohooo it was fun!
Once and a while you just need to clean up the store and sell sell sell... then start from scratch and buy some new products!
I got home tonight at about 5pm ish... and had a few things to do on the website and now it's midnight! I am ready for bed... a long couple of days. Tomorrow I hope to scrapbook and relax with my honey....

oh.. before i forget . I went out to the store at about 930pm .. and when i got to our driveway .... 6 deer were just standing around having a conversation ( HEE HEE!!) yes, just standing there ... looking around. I couldn't back in our driveway cause i might have hit one, but i drove right in and of course they ran off in the back yard... but where was my camera! They are so precious.. even if they eat our perennials!

that's all i have to report today!
Hope all is well
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