Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cough Cough

The winter weather has drained my immune system .... for the first time this winter i am now stuck with a cold... coughing. My throat is sooo dry and I have sores in my mouth from so much Vitamin c .. orange juice! I want my mommy!!! Don't we all miss our mom's when we are sick.. ? i know i do!
my husband is very good at taking care of me don't get me wrong .. he's a great doctor! LOL ... but i do miss my mom's chicken noodle soup and crackers and her taking my temperature and rubbin me with vicks vapour rub...
{ miss you mom ! }

Other than that, tonight was our 1 Hour Sketch CHallenge at Paws On Scrapbooking.. it was a great sketch by one of my fav... " little book of sketches" .. see blinkie on the side!

This is the layout i completed of my niece Gillian called " Just Be You"

Other than that, it's raining and our driveway is a sheet of ice! I won't be going anywhere far if all driveways are icey... I HATE ICE!! Scares me like crazy!
I am officially on vacation for 11 days.. and I hope to feel better to go up to Northern New Brunswick ( aka North Pole) to visit my family. I hope to maybe go to the USA to visit a Scrap store or 2 if my sister will bring me.. maybe Bath and Body Works..mmm yummy! and of course take tons of pictures of my nieces... I am really stuck on pictures lately and well, it's time for some fresh shots! Since my photo class with Kathy I am eager to take a few pics. I even took pictures of boiling hot dogs yesterday!
I will have to post those soon..I haven't downloaded my recent pics yet..maybe tomorrow!

that's all for tonight...
chow for now!
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