Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Let it snow!

Oh My Goodness! Have you seen the snow?!
I took this picture of our home last night...

The snow was just coming down with these huge snowflakes. Very Beautiful!
This morning Steve and I were up at about 6am just to look outside! Well, Steve to shovel and me to look outside! The weather man says about 30cm or so which is pretty close to a foot of snow. Steve woke up early to use the snowblower but as he started it ... the front mechanism wouldn't turn. SO he had to shovel our entire driveway! YUCK! The driveway is about 150feet so you can imagine how much shoveling there is. It took him about 1 hour as he was motoring along quite well.

It was a nice day to stay inside for me today, getting in the winter mode. I did this layout of little Miss Marissa from last winter. I love the smile on her face! Hopefully her mother took some pictures of the girls in this snowy weather so i can scrapbook them!

This weather certainly gets you in the Christmas Mood! Let it snow!
I think as long as i don't have to shovel and there is NO ICE on the sidewalks i really don't mind winter!
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