Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Today's thoughts!

Oh my... i went to bed late again last night! For some strange reason I feel inspired to scrapbook at about midnight! What's up with that....?
I created this layout last night of my nieces, I had fun with these autumn leaves stamps .. I am not a stamper but this was fun and easy to!
It's Called " Thankful " using Basic Grey paper and chipboard.

I was going to make a beef stew in the crockpot today, but realized I have no ingredients to do it with LOL!!! I need to get a few groceries and I think this will be tomorrow's super !

I have to teach a scrapbook class tonight ... my Barking Meow class. A 6x12 album dedicated to our Barking and Meow friends!
This should be a fun class, very simple and straight forward other than the binding, but we can work on that !

It's Oprah's Favorite things show today!!!! I love those. Although I would love to be part of the show... imagine sitting there and getting like oodles of new stuff! WOW!!! like winning the lottery.
Speaking of winning the lottery I have a Christmas Wish list! In case you ... yes you reading this may want to get me a Christmas Gift!! LOL

This is on my list this year ....
you can click here to purchase !!!


I would accept something of lesser value but similar!!!
then I could take a few Photography Classes and really ROCK my Scrapbook Layouts! .... Anyone... anyone interested in buying this for me? Please .... Pretty please !!!! ?

Well I listed a few of my scrapbook projects on ebay this morning. Only about 4 of them. Maybe you are interested? you can visit...

my sister's ebay store by clicking on the icon on the right.. Miss Marissa's Candle Shop....

Steve decided on Sunday to put up the Christmas Lights. He was very happy with the end result and has already turned on the timer for our lights! A little early for me, but he likes it.. so they are on !!!! I will have to take a pic and post a bit later. They are nice white lights and illuminate the home quite well.

I started reading Ali Edwards' new book... Life Artist last night. It is a good read. I enjoy the " real life " aspect of it. I think it's important to scrapbook those great moments ... but what about the not so nice side of life...? We all have skeletons and stories, some choose to hide them, and other choose to expose them. That would be a challenge wouldn't it? To Scrapbook the Not so nice moments ...... mmmm....

well, on that note..
Chow for now!

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