Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve

It's the last day of 2007.
What a year this has been ...
a new wonderful little niece,
a broken window in the kitchen,
major weight gain,
car trouble,
my grand mother passing away,
my love for the hammock this summer,
sharing a beach day with Marissa
a New camera
Paws being published
and many more .....
overall it's been a good year. I can't say a great year, but it's been good. I hope to make 2008 a better year... a Year of
Weight Loss
No major car trouble
More time in the garden
More cooking for my husband
scrapbooking me and my life
and of course a bit more...
health and happiness for me and my family

have you made new years resolutions?

Steve and i have no major plans for tonight. We were invited to a few socials, but have decided to stay home, shovel the ton of snow we got today, and watch movies together with a nice plate of nachos.

I have set up 2 challenges on the Paws Bulletin Board tonight, if you are bored come and participate! It only needs to be done by tomorrow night... the challenges will be posted at 7pm AST ( 6pm EST)

I wish everyone a SAFE New Years Eve!
Please Don't Drink and Drive!

{{ Hugs to you ! }}
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