Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Car towed!

It's been an exciting day today. Yes, exciting! Steve gets ready for work, hops in the car and drives off for a wonderful day at the office.... I get ready to do laundry and clean up the house a bit ( been a while! ) a few minutes later Steve rushes in the house.... COME HERE he says...
So i come upstairs and he says put your shoes on.... mmmm ok. I thought Deer were in our yard or our trees chewed or something. NOPE! Steve takes me to the car, and our back driver side is ........... LOW.... Our shocks or struts or something is .... not working! so.... steve calls a friend for a drive, and I call a tow truck.
So, tomorrow is the day the mechanics can look at our car and tell us how much it will cost to have the inspection done on our car. I am not looking forward to it! Could be scarry.... I am sure I will keep you posted!
So ... i change my mind about my Christmas Wish List. In case you want to get me something for the holidays... how about a Car.... doesn't have to be new... or maybe even a Car rental so we can drive up to my hometown safely and visit my family during the holidays! National Car Rental is about 250$ !!!! taxes included!!! LOL!

On a happy note, Steve wasn't in an accident and neither was I.
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