Tuesday, December 04, 2012

A Little Bit of Me ...

Age: 40
Height & Weight: 5'4" and Weight .... Um ya not gonna post that!
Married: yes, going on 12 years in August
Children: No children, although this time of year I wish we had kids

Favorite color: Fushia - and Turquoise ! Love these colors!!

Drinking: Fruitopia -- Strawberry
Working on: a few blog makeovers

Talking to: nobody ... I'm just sitting in the living room listening to the clock tic and my cat purr on the sofa beside me
Favorite book: I don't really read books. I have a hard time remembering/ concentrating on what i read ... although Fifty Shades Trilogy had my attention for 30 days !
Wanting: A little bit of snow for Christmas? I also think i want to start a wall clock collection. I love this ...

Eating: Popcorn .... I'm addicted to sweet & salty! Thanks to Costco's 10 lb bags!

Thinking about: my friends and wishing they were closer. Close enough for a chit chat at Starbucks and a good Hug!
Excited about: my Black Friday purchases arriving this week and the new AC Digital site... Pebbles Inc.  in digital format.. oh i see a new blog for me in the near future! 

Favorite Movie: I could watch Ocean's Eleven another 100 times. I'm sure there are others but this is in the top 10 for sure.

Worried about: my cat getting older, my family and hoping I can see them during the holidays. I have to work this year and that's putting a damper on my plans.
Might try: A project life album .... But more monthly than weekly or daily. I can't commit to a weekly project but maybe I should try .. i've seen so many post on Pinterest it's got my attention!
Waiting for: the Victoria's Secret fashion show at 11pm
Listening to: Justin Bieber ! ! Yup, a little bit of JB in the House!
Driving: 2010 Mazda 3GT-- i love my car. So far, 1 speeding ticket ;-P
Last Movie you saw by yourself: Magic Mike
Wearing: Old Navy plaid flannel pants, perfect t and comfy socks, all turquoise !
Lovin: my new iPad :-) 
 Apple iPad with Retina Display (4th Generation) 32GB - Wi-Fi - Black
Tattoos YES or NO?: Nope not yet. I am thinking about it, just need a place to put it. A place that won't stretch or sag in the next 40 years!
Happy to be: Getting paid tomorrow!
Favorite Song right now: Try by Pink
Favorite TV shows: I love watching New Girl, How I met your Mother, shark tank, dragon's Den, storage wars, pawn stars, bachelor and bachelorette, Oprah.
Canon or Nikon girl: Canon
Last vacation destination: Las Vegas NV August 2012
Ready for: a snack and watching tv
Toes painted or natural: right now natural ! It's winter, I'll paint them again in March!
Not ready for: Christmas, it has me feeling a little blue this year. Hopefully our tree will be decorated this weekend and that will cheer me up !

That's a little of me
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