Sunday, October 05, 2008

What a bad day ...

Oh my, where do i start?

I woke up this morning ... looked in the mirror and well the zit i totally squeezed and pinched " hard " last night on my cheek has now formed into some serious scab! Yes, I know .. why did i do that. I really don't know. It was just on my face and i didn't like it !!! So i squeezed the crap out of it... and now i look like some nut bar with a huge scab!

Well, i made it to work this morning for an 8am shift .. which was fine. That started off pretty rough as it seemed that every single call that came to me was nasty!!! Literally... why.. why is it that people dial up someone at a call centre and immediately assume we aren't human? why do they yell at us ? why do they treat us like crap because they don't like the company we work for?
Oh... i wasn't happy today!

for example:

A gentleman called in and wanted to know if by accident a ticket was booked for him on the web without sending him confirmation. I asked him for his frequent flyer number and searched. ... nothing came up with an immediate reservation but I did find an old ticket for him that was still valid. WOW... his ticket price was 800$ or so and the unused ticket for credit was over 350$. I thought that was a great thing to find credit for him.
I then told him, well since this is credit I can certainly use it on a new ticket but you do have change penalties... 80$ would cost him to use this 350$ .. and almost get his ticket at 25% off or more.. he just started YELLING at me! That I was a thief and there was no reason for him to pay change fees... .. um ok.. i just saved this guy 350$ and he doesn't want to use it...
.. seriously ...
so he hung up not wanting to use his credit because he had to pay a change fee. { BLAH! }

Then, I get home have an amazing supper waiting for me. Hubby cooked of course! Chicken, mashed potatoes .. it was delicious!!! I took a 2 hour nap on the couch and rejuvenized.

I start creating a layout - and decided I wanted to make the edges a bit " worn, burnt, and vintage like" .. so i have a lighter and start burning the edges of my paper... UM.. NO! that didn't work... smoke from my scrap room... fire alarm goes off... Hubby comes running up stairs thinking something went wrong.. and here i am .. trying to wave the smoke away from the fire alarm... mmmm ... that didn't work! Still on the same layout, i decided NOT to have a burnt edge so I start creating again... I decide to use some Grungeboard ... paint it, and glue it with my xyron machine... i run out of adhesive ................ i use glue stick... glue it to my page and NOPE... don't like it! So i take it apart with glue and gunk all over my picture ... i am not happy scrapper... so... i take the layout - fold it in half and in the garbage it goes.

Question.. did you buy Grungeboard ?? and if so .. what the heck did you do with it?? The only thing I think i like are the hearts !!!! grrrrr... needless to say it was a bad day!

maybe tomorrow will be better!?

I have no layouts to upload tonight but hopefully our layouts will be posted at Scrapbook Sussies and I will be able to post for you , and we also have our reveal at Creative Scrappers tomorrow which I am looking forward to! We also have our Card Making Crop and tons of challenges ... including one from Becky Dreyer ( rusty pickle chef ) hosting a Rusty Pickle Odds & Ends Challenge! Come on over and play !!!

Chow for now!
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