Friday, October 03, 2008

Adult Acne... Yuck!

Alright, this is my serious post this month!

Since I was about 12 years old at the beginning of puberty, I was given a gift of "serious" acne. Like Serious!
I started taking medication for acne when I realized it wasn't gonna get any better and at the age of 16 when my face was pretty scared from me picking my zits for years!
I was on this medication called ACCUTANE. ( can't find a half decent site to link! ) Anyhow this drug causes some side effects but wow did it ever work. Until a few years ago... probably Stress induced caused me to have these serious breakouts again, and I started getting acne back .... even as an adult! GRRR!!!

So, after a few months of thinking about it, i did it.. I ordered PROACTIV! I know this is hard to believe but only after a few ... days I really feel and see a difference in my face!!!! Ok, could this be the end of zits for me !?!?! Really!!!?? I hope so!

On a dumber note, This proactiv stuff has BENZOiL PEROXIDE as an ingredient.. Little did I know this is like bleach! ... yes... bleach! ME and bleach do not get a long well... at all!
So, my blue face towels..... are now PINKISH! LMAO! yes ..... they are! and my Hand towels!!! 2 of them are PINKISH!!!!!!!!!!!! Atleast my face is better but now I need to start using my white towels... at least those will start getting whiter!

Have you tried Proactiv and what has it done for you?

that's my story tonight on Adult Acne! Just to tell you my towels have changed colors! HAHAH!



  1. Kristine, I have dealt with the same thing--just like you, since I was 9. My parents spent thousands of dollars on dermitologist appointments, medications, creams, Accutane, everything. It sounds like our experiences are very similar. I have thought about Proactive, but never tried it. Maybe I should! Thanks for the testament! :) Sorry about your towels though!

  2. Oh Kristine! I have Roseacia (sp??) and it really knocks your confidence. I had some pills no idea what they are called but they have cleared it and I feel fab! I'm glad you found something to sort and as for the bleach ... oh you should see mine!!

  3. I used it for about 6 worked ok for me...but my acne is hormonal..the only thing that works for me is birth control pills..I spent 6 months on accutane and had soo many side was torture..seriously. So I say stick with what works for you..there are so many different causes of acne..stress, hormones, diet, environmental..Good luck Kristine!!! Nothing is worse than a face full of pimples!

  4. I have adult acne too. More than I ever had as a teenager - that's the weird thing about it! Personally, I suspect that mine is environmental - my skin clears up whenever I'm back in the Maritimes for more than a week.

    But it's the biggest reason that I won't let people take my picture. Sad reason, isn't it.

    I'm glad that you've found something that's working for you!!

  5. i coulds have wrote your post today right down the the ages !!

    the acutane did wonders till i had the kids then it all started again

    proactive it the only thing that works for me !!! well somewhat !!! it's much much better

  6. I am so happy you posted this Kristine. I have the same problem.
    I have been thinking about Proactive, but I just don't want to try it and have it not work. You have convinced me to give it a try, thank you.

  7. I'm sorry you're having to deal with acne. I put my son on ProActive and his acne got incredibly worse over time. I think it's just like all the other acne treatments, no one will work for everybody, you just have to experiment to see what will work for you.


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