Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Wash Out!

Yes, that's the story! Another Wash Out on Klondike Drive this morning.

I was at work last night till about 2am ... it was raining so hard, and Steve was home guarding the front yard making sure it wouldn't flood again. He called the Town Hall answering service at about 12midnight to ask for help cause he knew it was gonna rain all night and the waters were coming quickly over the edge of our driveway! No one came.....
At approximately 6am Steve and I are both up just watching the chaos in our front yard ... again .... for the 14th time!

Steve was unable to get out of the driveway this morning to go to work, so he had to call Angie to the rescue. The town came by at about 830 am with the trucks to see what went wrong considering the street was washed out again...
They did a little looking around and left... coming back at about 11am with a truck filled with crushed rocks, and gravel... again! I had gone to bed for about 1 hour and went I heard the trucks I got up and went outside.... hubby knew as i put my jacket on it wasn't going to be pretty!

The poor city worker who said Hi to me ... made a mistake! He was casually approaching me and i just lost it! I think I must have looked like some mad lady when he came in... cause i gave him a piece of my mind... totally unacceptable that this has been going on for 7 years and the fix up they did 3 years ago ... doesn't work! So I told him something needed to be done >>>>> NOW! and asked to speak to the mayor and the town engineer / manager.

At about 1pm ... the manager arrives and well... i had time to calm down by then and steve and i both wanted answers. He was sincere in his apologies and i think looked like a little god with his tail between his legs! ..... something will be done.. as of what... not sure yet but i am sure i will keep my blog up to date!

so tonight. needless to say Steve and I are mentally drained and tired!
As you can see from the photo, the crushed rock they put on the side of the driveway from last month DOESN"T WORK!!!! and the river across my driveway is about 5 feet wide and 14 inches deep! It litteraly sounds like some rapids!

This is a picture of our street ... again! The photos were taken at 8am this morning.

that's all for me tonight!
Chow for now!!
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