Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my Canadian Friends and Family .... Hope you all enjoy some turkey this weekend!
Hubby and I went to Northern New Brunswick to visit family. It was a great ... but too quick trip!
We arrived on Friday night late, enjoyed some chit chatting and of course headed to bed early cause the 2 little princesses wake up early.

Marissa didn't know we were coming for the weekend cause her mom kept it a secret. So Sat morning I surprised her by yelling " Is anyone here!?" and with open arms she started running towards me. That was the highlight of my thanksgiving weekend! I miss them both dearly, and really don't visit enough.

It was such a worldwin of 2 days that I didn't even have time to take a few pictures...
I hope to see them in November again for some Christmas shopping and glad I did get a few " minutes " of hugs and cuddles!

Mom and Dad were busy with renovations as they get ready for new kitchen cabinets and countertops -and no turkey dinner was cooked. On our way home Hubby and I stopped at the grocery store, got some chicken and came home to have our own little thanksgiving dinner!

I am absolutely pooped tonight and anxious to get a good night's sleep!!!
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