Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Survived my Late Shift!

Well, I survived my 530pm shift and even finished without leaving early! Leaving work at 2am was a bit scarry since I hate driving at night. I seem to see things that aren't really there... no ghost or anything LOL but shadows.. ya! I see shadows!! LOL!

Well the town came and put in a few " Rocks " in our front yard. I don't think it looks good at all. It just seems like some low budget fix up. It would have been nice of the town to actually put in topsoil and even seed it for grass next sprint you know... but they didn't! I think Steve will be seeing the town Mayor to discuss a few things and I am pretty sure our other neighbors aren't happy with the fix up either...

So Ms Natalie Roy will be teaching a technique class at Creative-Scrappers starting Sep 20th! If you've seen her work and are wondering " how did she do that ? " Natalie will teach you how! I have seen the first lesson and already I am amazed! No Supplies need to be purchased ... you use your own and only a small fee per person is asked for 2 prizes and natalie's time.
you can register today ... and also get more info in our forum!

I have no scrappy news to share with you today .... other than it's Fall and it's Scrap time!

talk soon
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