Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's Saaaaaturday Night and I'm Venting!

Yes, Finally .... it's Saturday Night!!!!
Do you know what that means ???! It's time to relax! It's been a long week here at the Davidson's and finally I can sit down and maybe watch a movie with hubby ... maybe! and also scrapbook till about 1am ! That would be nice. It's the night that hubby makes a huge feast of Nachos.... they are AMAZING! i will take a picture for you tonight ... he'll like that !! LOL!!! and ...

I got a box of goodies on Thursday! YOUPEEEEE!!! Time to start working on the Creative Scrappers October Kit and finish the weight loss journal kit as well... the weight loss one, ADORABLE! Not only because I made it ( heee!!!! ) but it's sooo cute and fits in your purse too! I have tons of pages included in this little album and can't wait to have it completed tonight.
Don't you love getting fresh new scrap supplies ?? I " love " it! I really do. It's like Christmas morning when I open a box full of scrap goodies ... the ideas and inspiration from new products just oozes out of me! hahha!!! So .. i better have a few hours to scrap tonight and I hope it pours rain on Sunday so i can justify being lazy !

Ok, a little bit about some dos and donts when calling an airline reservation agent ...
mm... yes. after a long week .. i need to vent!

Number 1 --- if you've had a long wait on hold ... chances are we are busy ... we know how long you have been on hold so you don't need to tell us!

Number 2 --- if you see a cheap ticket price on the web ... BOOK IT! It probably won't be there tomorrow!

Number 3 --- If you call and immediately start complaining, we are probably not gonna bend over to help you ...

Number 4 ... If you call us for a last minute " deal " it's probably not gonna happen, book in advance during a seat sale ... to find out about seat sales .. .sign up for the airline's newsletter and be the first to know!

Number 5 --- Read the Rules of your ticket! Don't choose to save 3$ for something such as " No Changes, No Cancellations! " it's not a savings if you get stuck in traffic and miss your flight!

Number 6 --- yes, we always have seat sales! If we don't have a cheap ticket on the date you wanna travel ask for the first available date at the lowest price! .... Flights are often on sale for late night travel or early morning travel ... and weekdays!

Number 7 --- Not all seats are sold at the same price. When inventory on the aircraft is limited... the price of the ticket increases! Example, even if you paid 99.00$ for your ticket ... the person sitting behind you might have paid 1700.00$.

Number 8 - Start booking travel for Christmas now! Prices will probably increase if the price of fuel increases!

Number 9 --- Get Seat Selection on busy routes and busy times of year... you will be less likely to get bumped! Remember that most airlines will offer you a " voucher " of some kind if you do accept to be bumped... TAKE IT! you could get a free ticket just by taking a flight 1 hour / 2 hours later!

Number 10 --- Enrol in a frequent flyer program and accumulate points with the airline you travel with the most ... you can get a free flight or free products with your points!

Shop Around! / .com is a great place to start shopping for fares!

For the Canadian Travellers... as much as i don't want to send you to other carriers .... travelling 1 hour or 2 hours to travel from the USA could save you hundreds of dollars... saves you paying GST / HST / and also Customs/ Immigration Taxes.

that's my venting for today!

Time to go make believe I want to help honey prepare some Nachos!!! He's cutting up onions... YUCK!
talk soon!

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