Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Love Sundays!

Aren't Sundays nice?! Don't you just love relaxing lazy Sundays !? I do!!!
I went to bed pretty late last night ... busy playing around doing nothing and before I realized it... 2am was the time on the clock! I woke up today a bit later than I usually do on Sundays. Going to bed later than my regular schedule is really messing me up! I woke up at .... oh i don't think i can put that on my blog.... cause um.. it was late!

Steve and i went for a little drive today ... stopping at Micheals, the liquor store, the dollar store and the candy store! In that order!!! LOL... I was shocked when I went to Micheals today! I picked up another paper trimmer... number 4! I really love this paper trimmer although Making Memories has had a hard time with them .. not cutting straight or something - but I Love it! I had a 50% off coupon and had to use it on something worth it... Eddie usually sleeps on this paper trimmer in the winter time under my 100watt light bulbs!
and....... at Micheals ... I found Making Memories Passport collection!!!! Everything ... a bit pricey but with a 40% off coupon it would be really cheap! they had paper packs, individual papers ( 1.19 ) and stickers ... ya.. i had this collection hidden in my paper stash but i did get rubons!
and..... there is more! Did you know Micheals now carries BAZZILL Cardstock !?!?!?! ya.. that's what i said... WHAT"!!! i was gonna go bonkers and get a ton of it until I looked at the price.... 1.19$ a sheet!!! that's not even funny. Considering you can purchase cardstock at probably .24cents a sheet wholesale! Who does that ... why would they charge like a 100% markup!? Anyway I am waiting for their Cardstock sale ... buy 3 / 1.00$ ... maybe soon! But yes,, they had probably over 75 colors! I am guessing... maybe more!

So, um.. .thanks for the comments on my blog banner ladies! Yes, i love blog banners and i love changing them too!!! LOL .... they are so much fun to make ... and i get bored with the same colors on my blog... so yes.. i will keep changing them!

I just finished cleaning my scrap room ... and i have so much stuff .. STUFF!!!

Anyhow! ... that's all for now!
Time to clean up the bathroom, get supper, and watch Big Brother tonight! It's almost the end... who will win???! DAN ???? MEMPHIS!?!??!

have a good Sunday Night!
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