Saturday, August 22, 2015

She's Rad | Bella Blvd

My niece is growing up so fast ... My goodness! I like to think that she's pretty RAD! She makes me laugh and Iove that comedic quality about her. 

I used some Bella Blvd Invisibles on this page but first I cut out a piechart with my silhouette and filled in the empty slots with invisibles! I sewed them on and created a pretty cool black and white background, I didn't want the page to be just black and white so I used the " Just Add Color Collection " and added some pop of color on my page. I just used one sheet of paper - Daily Details and cut up pieces of paper to fit my page. Love that! 
I framed my white background with a black piece of cardstock and added some paint splats. The title in pink was perfect and using the Amorie and Sienna chipboard alphas make it so easy to make a cool title!

Supply List
Bella Blvd 

Just Add Color:  Daily Details, Treasures & Text Stickers, Trinkets Full Color Stickers,
Invisibles: A Day At A Time, Click!, Referee, Brilliant
Sienna Chipboard Alphas:  Frosting
Amorie Chipboard Alphas: Peep
Enamel Dots: Blueberry

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