Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Scrappin Outside!

yes, exactly what the title says!!! Hubby went to work today for 12:30pm and I wanted to go outside and sit.. but sometimes I get so bored just sitting there watching the clouds go by. So today, I decided to take some scrap supplies out ( limited amounts!) and scrapbook. I must say I had a blast!!! The wind was perfect, I had a cold beer and I had a place on my patio table with perfect lighting .... aaaah... fabulous day!

I finished 2 pages.. 1 of them I can show you.. the other will be for the Creative Scrappers Reveal on August 16th. I am way ahead of myself!!

I used these fabulous papers from Sultane, a Manufacturer based out of France - You can get these papers at MonScrapbook.com ... CLICK HERE!

The layout is called Back Home...
When we open the door to the back porch ... this is what we say to him ... Every time!!!

- Be Good, Stay out of trouble, if you get in trouble RUN RUN RUN Back Home -
this is usually followed by a Love You Buzz Buzz! ... yes we are crazy for our kitty!!!!

Chow for Now!
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