Monday, February 11, 2008

Well, things aren't better today - i woke up several times last night from Eddie's jumping around the living room and Steve getting up to walk around and have a drink of water. I coughed quite a bit and realized it was time for a Doctor's visit.
I have Strep Throat! Yuckie ... my tongue has this discusting white film on top and is swollen. My dad always said, you can tell if you are healthy by the color of your tongue. Well guess what? I am not healthy!
So now to antibiotics with rest and lots of fluids. Another few days on the couch recoving and hopefully soon i will be able to get out and do stuff! I am dying to scrapbook and also go out and play with our new camera. Steve is doing good with his recovery from surgery - very sore but pretty mobile.
I had to go out and shovel our walkway today, and Kelly was nice enough to send her hubby over to plow... thanks HOMESTAR!

I have no new layouts to post here but - Tonight was our Kit Challenge reveal at Paws. I had about 20 girls participate and 18 of them completed. We had to use Scenic Route Products -- and complete a layout.. it was fun! Really nice to see the amazing talent these ladies have... and also realize you don't need much to make something beautiful!

thanks all for now,

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