Saturday, February 23, 2008

so sleepy!

Saturday night, 11pm and I am ready for bed. I am soooo tired. I feel like energy has been sucked out of my body. Litteraly drained. It's been a good week overall - just trying to get better after being sick for so long. Steve said tonight, he feels like he's getting my cold. I hope not... cause i don't want it to come back! HELP!

So i played around a bit tonight, scrappin a Bo Bunny Project Kit for Paws... hope to finish this tomorrow. It is sooo cute.. i love doing mini albums.
Other than that, I have 2 new magazines that i am going to read before falling asleep...

I found a few new fonts online... i just wanted to share these with you!
aren't they the cutest!!!?? love them!

that's it for sat...
tomorrow we go out to dinner with some friends... and hopefully watch Last week's episode of Survivor, Lost and Big Brother...

Ok.. I must say this. I am really NOT a tv watcher... and it drives me crazy that all my favorite shows are on at the same time.... Wednesday nights...
Big Brother and America's Next Top Model... Thursday Nights .. Lost and Survivor... thank goodness we have a PVR so i can record all these and watch them when i want to... otherwise i would be glued to the tv for 2 nights!
yes, 1 hour of tv is big for me... i am usually at my computer or scrappin, so 1 hour away from my computer or scrap supplies... is big!! LOL!!

anyhow, talk soon
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