Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day by Day!

Things are slowly getting better, I am not coughing as much and my tongue is getting better!

This is a picture of my tongue, in case you want to see it !LOL!

this is some sort of bacteria that surfaced on my tongue from Coughing and Strep Throat. A bit disgusting ... yes it is! My tongue is also swollen, and this stuff makes my mouth really dry!
enough of that right!!
So Happy Valentine's Day! It's not something Hubby and I celebrate to be honest with you. I don't get flowers or a card, but I do get a warm Hug and an "I love you" everyday! Vday seems so over rated, a day when men rush to stores to buy flowers and a card. A day where stores make more money for the love of 2 people. I don't think I need flowers or a card on a specific day to know that my Honey loves me! Just my opinion... actually... i don't get flowers often cause Eddie the Cat Drinks the water from the vase all the time!!!! hahahah!!!
But I am ok with that, cause we have about 50 perenials in the back yard!
So, I haven't been scrappin much lately. I finished my DT stuff for Paws on Scrapbooking and that's it! I have beautiful pictures of my nieces, and sister and can't wait to scrap them... maybe once I feel better.

Steve is doing well, he's very mobile and can't sit up and stand up better than Monday.... he's still a bit sore and REALLY swollen in lower abdominal areas!!! It's pretty nasty.. he's been icing that area and hopefully he'll be back to normal soon!

I will post my DT layouts for you tomorrow!
Chow for Now

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