Friday, February 21, 2014

It's Goodbye | My Fur Baby

Today I was suppose to blog about how excited I am to be joining the Jillibean Soup Design Team. How grateful i am for this opportunity and so much more but sadly I have other things to blog about. 

I have shared many photos and stories of our cat Eddie, here on my blog, my facebook page, and also on instagram. He's been in many of my scrap pages and a few more projects being posted shortly.  Today, we had to say goodbye to Eddie. He wasn't feeling well the past few days. He wasn't eating, socializing and quite frankly sending us messages he wasn't feeling well. He would only eat his Greenies and want some fresh air. Yes we left some windows slightly open for him - even in the middle of winter!

Thursday we made an appointment with the Vet, hoping to have him checked and it would be a sore tooth, or something a pill could fix.  Our vet took some xrays and saw a large mass of tissue in his stomach area.  We then scheduled an overnight IV for him to gain strength and surgery first thing this morning to see what was there.

At 11am  we got a call that surgery was impossible. This mass was about 3 Inches by 2 inches inside him and attached to other organs such as his pancreas / stomach and colon.  We sadly had to make the decision to have him put to rest.

As sad as we are today, as much as it hurts right now - we feel at peace. We feel relieved that we were able to say goodbye to him, to give him his favorite treats as his last meal, and to enjoy some cuddles and hugs just a few days prior to.  We were always worried when he went outside - even an hour a day - that something would happen but he LOVED going outside and being with his " friends! "

Eddie lived a great life - a super great kitty life! He was brought home at 8 weeks old, named Eddie after the first Big Brother winner named Eddy - at about 4 years old He had a little accident and had his tail amputated. Many cat fights, many abscesses, many scratched corneas, and even fighting through diabetes 3 years ago - he had 9 lives for sure.

So today, we say goodbye - we are sad. He really was a little baby to us. We've learned a lot from him and thankful he was there for us when we needed a little love.

thank you all for posting on facebook, and sending private messages - that means a lot to both Steve and I.  We know things will be ok, but man this sucks!

thank you Mr. buzz buzz  - you'll be missed. 

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