Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I've got the FLU ..

Hello friends, 

Sorry to all those of your waiting for blog makeovers and reply to emails. i'm sick. It's been since Saturday Night that hubby and I are both in bed coughing up a storm - fever - chills - all that fun stuff .. with that said i'll be back soon!

Thank you 


  1. Oh Kristine I am soooo sorry! Hope you are feeling better VERY soon.

  2. Feel better Kristine. It has been a rough year for flus. :(

  3. hugs,hope you and hubby feel better soon !!!

  4. Take care of yourself and the Hubby too, nasty what has been going round. Hope you feel better soon

  5. Take care and rest up... My thoughts of chicken noodle soup and all that stuff go to you and hubby!

  6. Oh nooooooo!!! Rest up and feel better soon. The flu spread through our house like wildfire over Christmas break. No fun. :(


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